Saint Evaristus

Saint Evaristus

Pope and martyr
(† 108)

Saint Evaristus succeeded Saint Anacletus on the throne of Saint Peter, elected during the second general persecution, under the reign of Domitian. That emperor no doubt did not know that the Christian pontificate was being perpetuated in the shadows of the catacombs. The text of the Liber Pontificalis, says of the new pope:

Evaristus, born in Greece of a Jewish father named Juda, originally from the city of Bethlehem, reigned for thirteen years, six months and two days, under the reigns of Domitian, Nerva and Trajan, from the Consulate of Valens and Veter (96) until that of Gallus and Bradua (108). This pontiff divided among the priests the titles of the city of Rome. By a constitution he established seven deacons who were to assist the bishop and serve as authentic witnesses for him. During the three ordinations which he conducted in the month of December, he promoted six priests, two deacons and five bishops, destined for various churches. Evaristus received the crown of martyrdom. He was buried near the body of Blessed Peter in the Vatican, on the sixth day of the Calends of November (October 25, 108). The episcopal throne remained vacant for nineteen days.

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A Jealous God

A Jealous God

Jeffrey Dahmer (d. 1994, aka “The Milwaukee Monster”) was one of the most infamous serial killers in the United States. In 1991 he was convicted for the brutal torture and murder of sixteen people. In most cases, he had cannibalized his victims, and in some cases performed necrophilia. Dahmer was a sodomite and had also been convicted of child molestation. On November 28, 1994, he was bludgeoned to death by a fellow inmate (it is believed the guards knew the inmate’s intentions and allowed the killing to take place, so as to rid the world of such a monster).  The day after Dahmer was killed, the TV show Dateline NBC broadcast an interview they had conducted with him earlier that same year. The transcript of that interview is quite an eye-opener.

Dahmer had been a convinced atheist. He admitted that his disbelief in God led him to commit those horrid crimes:

If you don’t…think there is a God to be accountable to, then…what’s the point of trying to modify your behavior to keep it in acceptable ranges? That’s how I thought anyway. I always believed the theory of evolution as truth, that we all just came from slime. When we…died, you know, that was it, there was nothing. (Quote from the transcript of an interview with Jeffrey Dahmer on Dateline NBC, broadcast 11/29/1994).  After his trial, Dahmer found he could not explain his feelings of guilt; of right and wrong, against his atheistic worldview. He started reading the Bible. He became a “born again” Protestant. In that final interview, Dahmer stated, “I’ve since come to believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is truly God, and I believe that I, as well as everyone else, will be accountable to him (sic).” (Ibid—Dahmer claimed he was “prepared to die” and didn’t deserve to live after what he had done).  

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AS man is historically, he has never been destined by God to be endowed with merely natural life. God poured supernatural life into the soul of Adam, with a view to drawing the whole human race into the cycle of His Inner Life in Three Divine Persons. Having done so, He treated our first Parents in accordance with their rational nature, by asking them to answer freely His loving question: Do you accept My Inner Life for yourselves and your descendants? That question they could have easily answered in the affirmative, for their whole being was in order, their reason being subject by grace to God and consequently their sense-life to their reason and their bodies to their souls (Ia. P. Q. 95 a. I). The revolt of the passions against reason, disease, and death would have been unknown to us if they had assented.

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The Last Sunday in October.
White. Double of the First Class.

INTROIT. Apoc. 5, 12; 1, 6

THE Lamb that was slain is worthy to receive power, and Divinity, and wisdom, and strength, and honor. To Him be glory and empire for ever and ever. Ps. 71, 1. Give to the King Thy judgment, O God: and to the King’s Son Thy justice. V. Glory.


ALMIGHTY and eternal God, Who hast wished to restore all things through Thy beloved Son, the King of the universe, graciously grant that all the families of the Gentiles separated by the wound of sin, may be subjected to His most loving dominion, Who with Thee liveth.

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Saint Raphael the Archangel

Saint Raphael the Archangel

This holy Archangel identified himself to the exiled Jew Tobias as one of the Seven who stand before God (Tob. 12:15). His name means the healing of God, and he is thought to be the Angel who came down and agitated the water of the pool of Bethsaida in Jerusalem. The sick, who always lay around the pool, strove to be the first to enter the water afterwards, because that fortunate one was always cured. We read of this in the story of the paralytic cured by Jesus, who had waited patiently for thirty-eight years, unable to move when the occasion presented itself. (Cf. John 5:1-9)

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