Reflections on The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

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Reflections on The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Composition of Place – Picture to yourself the Risen Christ – beautiful, glorious, triumphant – and consider that you hear St. Paul’s voice saying, “We suffer with Him, that we may be also glorified with Him.” (Rom. 8:17)

Prayer of Petition – Grant me, O Lord, the joy and gladness of keeping Thee company, and the strength to imitate Thee in the patient with which Thou suffered Thy pains and hardships, so that I will share in Thy Glory. Continue reading

Saint Anicetus

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Saint Anicetus

Pope, Martyr
(† 161)

Saint Anicetus, the eleventh successor of Saint Peter, succeeded to Saint Pius I and reigned for eleven years. During that time he had to combat in particular the dangerous errors of gnosticism, Christ’s ancient enemy, already rampant in the days when Saint John the Apostle wrote his letters to the churches of Asia. Saint Anicetus was visited in Rome by Saint Polycarp, bishop of Smyrna, who desired to consult with him, and whom he in turn asked to celebrate the feast of Easter in the Church of Rome, as Saint Ireneus, Polycarp’s disciple, relates. They had not been able to find a solution to the question of a difference in the date of Easter in the Orient and the Occident, which Pope Saint Victor would later settle, but remained close friends. Saint Anicetus’ vigilance protected his flock from the wiles of the false preachers Valentine and Marcion, who were attempting to corrupt the faith in the capital of the empire.
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Friday After Easter

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Friday After Easter
In Defense of the Resurrection

Liturgical Year
by Dom Gueranger, 1908

This is the day which the Lord hath made: let us be glad and rejoice therein.

Eight days ago, we were standing near the cross, on which died the Man of Sorrows (Is. liii. 3.), abandoned by His Father, and rejected, by a solemn judgement of the Synagogue, as a false Messias: and lo! this is the sixth time the sun has risen upon our earth since the voice of the Angel was heard proclaiming the Resurrection of this adorable Victim. The Church, His widowed spouse, then lay prostrate before the justice of the eternal God and Father, who ‘spared not even His own Son (Rom. viii, 32),’ because He had taken upon Himself the likeness of sin; but now she is feasting in the sight of her Jesus’ triumph, for He bids her be exceeding glad. But if within this glad Octave, there be one day, rather than another, on which she should proclaim His triumph, it assuredly is the Friday; for it was on that day she saw Him ‘filled with reproaches (Lament. iii. 30)’ and crucified. Continue reading