Easter Sunday: CAPITULA

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Easter Sunday

by Dom Prosper Gueranger 1870


O God, to Whom we owe this the first of days, whereon Thou wouldst manifest to all created things both the visible light, and Him Who is the witness of eternal Light, that on this one and the same day there might rise the light of the seasons and the Light of souls: and which day, being the first of our Lord’s creation, and (by a heavenly calculated revolution) the one chosen as fittest for His Besurrection, both begins and ends the mystery of the Paschal Solemnity: mercifully, O Lord, for now is the acceptable time, the day of salvation, mercifully look upon Thy servants, whom Thou hast redeemed from the spiritual bondage of sin by the victory of our Lord’s Passion. Look upon them whom Thou hast freed from the destroying Angel, by sprinkling them with the Blood of Thy Lamb. Be unto us our guide in the wilderness of this life; that, during the day, Thou mayest be to us a cloud protecting and shadowing us from the heat of temptation; and, during the night, a pillar of fire, enlightening us amidst the darkness of sin. Here save us, that so Thou mayst lead us to our rest.

Hymn: (In dominica Resurrectionis)

It is the Resurrection Day; let us be radiant with joy, O ye people! It is the Pasch of the Lord, the Passover: for Christ our God has led us, singing our song of triumph, from death to life and from earth to heaven.

Let us purify our senses, and we shall see Christ refulgent in the inaccessible light of His Resurrection. We, singing our song of triumph, shall hear Him saying to us: “All hail!”

Let the heavens worthily rejoice, and let earth be in her glory. Let the whole world, visible and invisible, solemnize the Feast; for Christ, the eternal Joy, hath risen.

Come, let us receive the new drink, which strengthens us; it has not been miraculously drawn from a barren rock, but is a fount of immortality, flowing from the Sepulchre of Christ.

All things, heaven, earth, and what is beneath the earth, all are now tilled with light; let every creature, therefore, solemnise Christ’s Resurrection, whereby all are strengthened.

Yesterday, O Jesus! I was buried together with Thee; today, I rise with Thee. Yesterday, I was crucified with Thee; do thou, my Saviour, give me to share with Thee in the glory of Thy kingdom.

David, the ancestor of Christ our God, danced before the figurative Ark: but we, the holy people of God, we who witness the fulfilment of the figures, must rejoice in the divine spirit that is within us, for Christ has risen, as the Omnipotent One.

Let us go at dawn of day, and offer to our Lord the myrrh of our hymns: we shall see Him rise Who is the Sun of Justice, and gives life to all creatures.

They, whom the fetters of Limbo kept bound, saw Thy infinite mercy, O Jesus! and, with a joyful step, hastened to meet the Light, thus celebrating the eternal Pasch.

Let us, with lamps in our hands, go forth to meet Christ, coming forth, as a Bridegroom, from His Sepulchre. Let us, in festive groups, celebrate together the saving Pasch of God.

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