Saint Raymond of Pennafort

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Saint Raymond of Pennafort

Dominican, Archbishop

Born in 1175 of a noble Spanish family, Raymond, at the age of twenty, taught philosophy in Barcelona with marvelous success. Ten years later his rare abilities won for him the degree of Doctor in the University of Bologna, accompanied by many high dignities. A tender devotion to our Blessed Lady, which had increased within him from childhood, determined him in his mature years to renounce all his honors and to enter Her Order of Saint Dominic.
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The Espousals of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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The Espousals of the Blessed Virgin Mary

This Feast arose from popular devotion in the fifteenth century. By the espousals among the Chosen People, a legal marriage was contracted, and therefore, Mary and Joseph were truly husband and wife. They were deeply devoted and faithful Spouses, as the ardent love they cherished for God naturally overflowed into a pure love and affection for one another. Each virginal Spouse was a continual source of joy and edification to the other; hence, they are the only truly perfect models for husbands and wives. Let us pray to them that the peace and happiness which constantly reigned in the Holy Family, may reign in all of our families, which we have consecrated to them. Continue reading

Saint Polycarp

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Saint Polycarp

Bishop, Martyr

Saint Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna, was a disciple of Saint John. He wrote to the Philippians, exhorting them to mutual love and to hatred of heresy. When the apostate Marcion met Saint Polycarp at Rome, he asked the aged Saint if he knew him. Yes, Saint Polycarp answered, I know you for the first-born of Satan. These were the words of a Saint, most loving and most charitable, and specially noted for his compassion to sinners. He abhorred heresy, because he loved God and man so well.
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