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CHRIST tells you:

MY CHILD, when temptations persist and keep returning, do not despair. In all real needs I am always near and ready to help you. I will give you My grace and whatever else is necessary for you to keep out of sin.

2. Do not fear or worry. Keep your courage high, and be prepared to go on fighting your temptations. You are not lost because you are tempted often. Your human inclinations do not always follow reason, and so they provide many a temptation to sin.

3. Your first step toward safety lies in realizing your weakness. Secondly, do not become discouraged by temptations. Simply keep on doing your best to turn your mind and will toward other objects. No temptation can make you sin.

4. How often it happens that someone is making his greatest progress at the very time when he thinks that he is slipping. I look at your intention and your effort. By these I judge your loyalty to Me.

5. Go on trying for My sake. Do not consider yourself a failure simply because you feel like one. Be brave and follow Me. I have overcome the world. With My help you shall win the daily battle for Heaven.

The tendency to give up is in all men. To overcome it, God gives us the virtue of hope. Why despair? All is not lost just because I feel that it is so. God wants me to hope in His mercy and to trust in His love. Temptations may come and go; they may even linger for hours and days, but it is my will which decides what I really want and what I am in the eyes of God.

My God, I want to obey Your law and follow Your Will in all things. Though my feelings may reach out for what is bad, help me to do what is right and good. Give me a glimpse of Your is right and good. Give me a glimpse of Your wisdom, so that I may see more clearly what harm and evil is in all sin. If I should fail in a moment of weakness, let me not despair. I hope in Your mercy. I trust in Your goodness and love. Never will I think that my sins are greater than Your mercy. No matter how bad I have been, Your goodness is great enough to forgive me. Give me the wisdom and strength to hate I all sin in the future. I shall not despair nor will I be discouraged by my mistakes. Help me to fight an honest daily baffle against all sin. Amen.

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