Worldly Prosperity

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Worldly Prosperity

CHRIST tells you:

MY CHILD, at times you feel that your earthly life would be much easier if you did not have to follow My law. Worldly people seem to enjoy themselves so much, without bothering about Me. Do not be deceived by appearances. Their life is not as desirable as it may seem.

2. True, they follow after pleasure and forget themselves for the present. In everyone’s life, however, there arrive moments when his thoughts turn to himself. One is bound to reflect sooner or later on the shortness of earthly satisfactions. The man who has forgotten Me, will look back and see all his pleasures and joys at an end. Never again will he look forward to happiness.

3. Even while enjoying this world’s good things, the worldly man has his share of worries, bitterness, and fear. He knows the meaning of disappointment and failure.

4. As smoke disappears quickly in mid-air, so too will earth’s joys vanish. Often enough earthly pleasures cease pleasing even before they have been lost. What was supposed to bring happiness, too often brings sorrow and disappointment. Many a prominent man of the world ended his days in bitterness.

5. How sad to see young people looking forward to joys and satisfactions which older worldlings have already found too brief and disappointing. Blindly and foolishly, youth runs after the pleasures of earth, forgetting about the only lasting joy–Heaven. Falsely they reason: Why think now about Heaven or hell when death is still so far off?

What fools we humans are! We think straight on so many things but when it comes to thinking about eternity, our thinking slows down or stops altogether. To get a clear idea of the shortness of earthly pleasures and joys, I need only to look on the happiness of last year, or even last week. It seemed so all-important then, but it is now faded and gone. Will I ever have so much esteem for that kind of prosperity and happiness that I would sin for them? Would I risk the never ending and perfect happiness of Heaven for such brief and incomplete happiness? Only a fool would hesitate at such a choice.

My loving God, You want to give me the very best, the all-satisfying happiness of Heaven. You do not forbid me the enjoyments of earthly life, so long as I use them intelligently and rightly. What You forbid is my foolish love for what is wrong and unworthy of my human dignity. Grant me a love for your wisdom, and let me follow Your Will in all things. You alone can give me the perfect, unimaginable happiness which will fill my soul with eternal joy. You ask me to prepare myself for it by a life of goodness and wisdom on earth. I hope in Your help. I now begin again, dear Lord. Amen.

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