No Time or Place Free from Temptations

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No Time or Place Free from Temptations

CHRIST tells you:

MY CHILD, in this world no one is so perfect or so holy that he does not, at some time or other, experience temptations. You can never be entirely free from them. None of My saints was ever so sublimely held in prayer, or so illuminated by My grace that he did not suffer temptations at some time or other.

2. My saints passed through many troubles and temptations, and they profited by these experiences. Those who are unwilling to stand up and fight temptations, will quickly fall away from Me. Do not be disturbed that things are not going as you would like them to go. Look upon your trials as part of your daily life. Bear patiently with what you cannot remedy. Thus will you prove yourself a true follower of Mine.

3. Temptations may come to you at any hour of the day or night. You will meet them within yourself, or again they may come from the persons and things around you. No time nor place is free from temptations, and every person has his share of them. Through all of this, however, I am close at hand, ready to give My heavenly strength to those who are willing to fight.

4. In time of temptation you have a chance to prove a more unselfish love for Me. It is then that you have your best opportunity to rise above your weak self and to reach out to Me.

Temptation is the lot of every man. No one is free of it. No place in the world, no time of day is secure against temptation. Human nature is never fully satisfied, and the devil never sleeps. Between the two stands Jesus with arms outstretched toward me. I will walk straight toward Him by guiding my thoughts and controlling my desires, words, and actions. In Him alone shall I find my all-satisfying joy and happiness. This continual tugging, inside of me and outside of me, toward Jesus and away from Him, this it is that makes life a daily warfare.

Dear Heavenly Father, of all the things I choose this day, none is more precious than Your holy Will. You alone can show me the way to Heaven’s eternal happiness. Help me to be a loyal follower of Jesus, Your divine Son. I want to make Him the King of my heart by my loyalty to His holy example. Let me become better acquainted with Him so that I may think, speak, and act more like Him every day. No goal can be higher, yet I must not aim any lower. My true welfare demands this. His boundless generosity with me demands it. I hope, with Your help, to give Him at least the loyalty of an honest daily effort. Amen.

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