Fervor in God’s Service

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Fervor in God’s Service

CHRIST tells you:

MY CHILD, read the lives of My saints and consider their wonderful fervor in following My Will. Fervor is a prompt and ready will to follow whatever I desire. It is not a matter of feeling or mood, but a loyal attachment to My Will.

2. Can you say that you are living a life that matches the unselfishness of My saints? They were unable to say “no” to Me, no matter what I asked of them.

3. Whether it was sickness, labors, failures, or criticisms, My saints did their best, accepting, and even preferring, whatever I sent them.

4. Imitate their loyalty to My Will, and you will experience their peace of soul. Your labors will seem less difficult because I will give you greater graces.

5. The fervent man is eager to know My Will in the various events of daily life. Though his feelings and moods may change, his will is ever the same–to please Me in all things. Indeed, his greatest satisfaction comes from following My holy Will.

The more I learn to think straight, the better will I see the inner simplicity of earthly life. I was put on earth to gain the eternal glory and joy of Heaven. I shall earn this unimaginable happiness in proportion as I reflect the goodness of God in my daily life. He wants me to become daily more like His Son in my thinking, speaking, and acting. The saints learned God’s thoughts and Will, and they earnestly tried to live each day as God desired. They knew that God’s way was the only intelligent way. They grew in strength through the sacraments, prayer, and an honest daily effort. They learned to do many things which had once seemed too difficult or even impossible.

My God, the reason why I make so many mistakes is that I do not take the time to learn Your holy Will more clearly. Another reason is that I am afraid to try. Still another reason is that when I try, I do not make a full and generous effort. I am bound to fail if I try to improve by my natural effort alone. If I made more frequent use of the sacraments, prayer, solitude, meditation and reading, my success would be assured. But no; I make a good resolution and then expect my old faults to disappear. You want determined action. Lord, time is so short. Please do not let me waste any more of it with halfhearted efforts and incomplete measures. Let me strive to understand what You desire of me, and let me use every help at my disposal to follow Your holy Will in my daily life. Amen.

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