Saint Marcellus

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Saint Marcellus

Pope and martyr
(† 310)

During the third century paganism and Christianity vied for supremacy in the Roman Empire. Hoping to stifle the Church completely, the emperor Diocletian in 303 began the last and fiercest of the persecutions. In time, Christian charity conquered pagan brutality, and as the Church attracted more and more members, the Roman government would be compelled to recognize its existence, but it was only after almost three hundred years, during which persecutions had forced Christian worship underground, that the Church would finally come out into the open after the Edict of Nantes in 313. It was still young and disorganized, vulnerable to heresy and apostasy, and needed a strong leader to settle questions of doctrine and discipline.
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Fervor in God’s Service

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Fervor in God’s Service

CHRIST tells you:

MY CHILD, read the lives of My saints and consider their wonderful fervor in following My Will. Fervor is a prompt and ready will to follow whatever I desire. It is not a matter of feeling or mood, but a loyal attachment to My Will. Continue reading