Perfect Self-Surrender

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Perfect Self-Surrender

CHRIST tells you:

MY CHILD, few men on earth have peace of soul because few care to let Me manage their lives as I wish. Many put more faith in their own limited abilities than in My infinite wisdom and power.

2. Some resign themselves to My Will, but they make a few exceptions; and in these exceptions they trust themselves more than Me. In these matters they are ready to sin rather than to have their plans changed. Others surrender themselves in all things, but after a while they begin to weaken in some particular matter. They are too impatient to wait for the perfect reward which I have prepared for those who love Me. None of these people will ever know Me intimately nor will they ever receive the peace of soul which I have promised to my loyal followers. Their loyalty is too imperfect because of a false self- interest.

3. Forget self and you will find someone far greater-Me. Let Me decide what your life shall be each day. No offering of yours can please Me completely until you have given Me the greatest gift of all-your will. Do this by preferring whatever I send you each day. Do your very best, and then accept the results as My Will.

4. In everything that comes to you this day, see My Will. Use your intelligence and your will to live a useful and holy life. When matters displease you, practice My patience. Imitate the virtues of My daily life on earth. Practice My virtues when the occasion arises, and in all things refuse to sin.

Since God is all-powerful, He is able to give me whatever I need; being all-wise He knows what is best for me. My mind is so small that I cannot even begin to understand how very much He loves me. I may rest assured that He wants only what is truly best for me. True, there are times when I am puzzled at the things which God permits to happen. This is only another proof of my mental smallness. The most intelligent thing I can do, is to place my life in His hands, to let Him direct my daily life as He will. This I do by my patience, understanding, generosity, and unselfishness in my daily activities. When I must provide for myself, I should do it without too much concern or anxiety, and without disregard for justice and charity.

Dear Lord, I am beginning to understand at last. I shall reach the peak of wisdom on the day when I truly surrender myself to Your wise advice, following Your holy Will in my daily activities. You are present in all that I do, say, and think, in big and small matters, when I am alone and when I am in company. I please You when I do things Your way, and I displease You when I act differently. Dear Jesus, You gave me a holy example. Let me begin at once to be more like You in my thinking, speaking, and acting. True, I shall fail often, but at least I can offer You the loyalty of trying over and over again. In spite of a million failures each day, I hope to prove my sincere desire by beginning again after each failure. Amen.

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