Christ’s Loving Invitation

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Christ’s Loving Invitation

CHRIST tells you:

MY CHILD, come to me when you labor and are burdened, and I shall refresh you. There are many ways of coming to Me in your earthly life. You can approach Me in prayer, meditation, reading, reflecting, in the confessional, and in the various sacraments. The most excellent way of coming to Me, however, is Holy Communion.

2. I invite you to receive this heavenly privilege, so that I may give Myself to you in a very special way. In Holy Communion you receive Me in person. I do not merely come near you, but into your very soul. I make Myself as food for your soul, and grant you a greater share in My life. I give you greater strength to live My way.

3. The bread which I give you in Holy Communion is My flesh. Take it and eat. This is My body, which was delivered for you. He that eats My body and drinks My blood shall dwell within Me as I dwell within him. During those precious moments we are together in a special kind of union, unknown to worldly men.

4. These are My words, though I did not speak them all at one time nor in one place. The words which I speak are the words of eternal life. Meditate on them often. You will find life, wisdom, and peace in them. You will never exhaust their richness.

When Jesus first began to tell His followers about Holy Communion, some of them objected. When they heard that they were to eat His body and drink His blood, a number of them left Him. Jesus sadly looked on, as they walked away from Him, but He did not restrain them nor call them back. If He had meant those words in some symbolic or figurative way, surely He would not have permitted those loved ones to leave Him. He would have kept them with Him by simply explaining His words. But no, He did not give any explanation because He meant those words literally. He was really going to offer them, and to me, His body and blood, which in some mysterious way were to act upon our souls as food and drink act upon the body. All the other sacraments are signs of grace which God grants through them. Holy Communion, however, is more than a sign of grace. It is the living body and blood of Jesus. In a word, in Holy Communion Jesus comes to me in person.

My God and my Saviour, of all the wonderful gifts which You have bestowed upon men in this earthly life, none can begin to compare with the wonderful gift of the Holy Eucharist. Under the appearances of bread and wine, You come to me in person, with Your body, blood, soul, and divinity. Your love for me is so deep that You could offer me nothing less than Yourself. This You did in a manner which reminds me of Your death upon the cross for my sake. In the appearance of bread and wine I see You ready to be consumed in order to give me eternal life. This holy sacrament is truly the most perfect image of Your boundless love for me. Lord, let me make full use of this divine gift so that I may learn to give myself to You in my daily life. Amen.

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