Submission to God’s Holy Will

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Submission to God’s Holy Will

CHRIST tells you:

MY CHILD, I know all things because I made all things and keep them in existence. Whatever powers and abilities are in each person or thing, they were put there by Me. Whatever happens is foreseen, planned, and permitted by Me. My plan seeks your welfare, not just the welfare which your limited intelligence can see, but your truest and most lasting welfare.

2. When you feel like questioning My wisdom, remember what you are and who I am. You are the work of My hands. I gave you the intelligence with which you judge matters, and the will with which you make your choices. If you disagree with My decisions, remember that I see all the reasons which you see, and many other reasons which you do not see. All of your thinking is perfectly clear to Me. When I choose differently from you, it is because your choice is not for the best.

3. On every occasion do what you think is best. Whenever necessary ask for My help, but do it with a desire to accept My decision in the matter. End every petition with this perfect ending: “Lord, if this is really good for me, please grant it; but if You decide differently, I want whatever You want.” Place your hopes, ambitions, and efforts at My feet. Do your best and leave the rest to Me. I will dispose things for your highest welfare.

4. Never think of talking to your Creator as to an equal. You are the work of My hands, and without Me you are simply nothing. Your very next breath belongs to Me. It is a gift of Mine to you. Speak to Me with the humility of one who acknowledges this truth.

5. I love you. Why are you troubled, as though I did not care about you? Rely on My wisdom and love, and I will bring peace into your heart. Worries and fears will not leave you until you submit yourself to My Will in all things.

If I could even imagine my complete dependence on God, I would never find the least fault with His holy Will. He knows and controls all that can possibly happen and all which will actually occur. He needs no advice nor instructions. He wants me to seek good things and strive for whatever improvements seem desirable. He wants me to ask for what I cannot obtain myself. He demands, however, that I do all this intelligently, without preferring my own desires to His wise and holy Will. As long as I have a firm confidence in His love, and complete submission to His wisdom, I may be sure that He will send only what is best for me.

My Creator, I am truly Your property since You made me and keep me in existence each moment of the day. Yet, You want to deal with me as Your child. You are all-knowing and all wise. Grant me the wisdom of preferring Your holy Will in all things. Of all the harm which can come to me on this earth, the worst is my own disagreement with Your loving plan for me. I here and now place my daily life at Your feet. Do with me as You see fit. I shall use the intelligence You gave me to better myself as far as possible. When, however, my plans and efforts fail, I shall not rebel or complain against You. I cannot desire my own welfare and advantage as wisely as You do. In Your holy Will I hope to seek my greatest success from now on. Amen.

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