The Virtue of Patience

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The Virtue of Patience

CHRIST tells you:

MY CHILD, I came down from Heaven for your salvation and perfection. Not only did I make reparation for your sins, but I also gave you an example of the virtues which you need in order to gain eternal life. I took upon Myself your daily trials and difficulties, in order to show you how to deal with them.

2. One of the virtues which you often need in your daily life is patience. I had to practice a great deal of patience with the people around Me during My earthly life. I had to bear the same things which annoy and irritate you. I bore these trials with patience. Meditate on My patience and pray for the wisdom and strength to imitate Me in this holy virtue.

3. Consider how I treat My loyal followers. I do not send them an easy life, but one which demands great patience, not many earthly joys, but many trials; not honors, but contempt and hatred; not ease, but endless labors. By their unwavering patience they earn a crown of unending glory.

4. Some are willing to suffer only what they choose to endure. Others can be patient with certain persons, but not with everyone. A truly patient man, however, makes no exceptions and sets no conditions as to when, or with whom he will be patient. One who possesses supernatural patience, does not consider what kind of people cause his trial; whether they are superiors, equals, or inferiors, whether they are well meaning or malicious. He is interested only in taking this trial as though I were handing it to him. As long as the matter does not require him to defend his rights, or to correct the people involved, he is willing to bear his trial for My sake.

The supernatural virtue of patience is an act of love for God shown by the disregard of one’s own convenience or inconvenience. It is another form of self-giving. Jesus could have saved me with far less inconvenience to Himself. He endured much more for me than He needed to. That was His way of showing His love for me. If I fix my eyes on Him, I shall never again say that I can take anything except this or that. I shall be willing to suffer anything for Jesus. I shall lose sight of the people involved, and see only Jesus.

Dear patient Jesus, who can describe the boundless love with which You suffered so many trials in Your daily life? Can I think of this and still refuse to practice greater patience in my own life? Can I see my God and Saviour bearing so much aggravation for my sins, and still go on demanding a smoothly running life for myself? You are still practicing patience with me, as You wait for me to come to my senses and start practicing a bit of humility in my daily life. If I were truly humble, I would find it easy to be patient. I deserve far worse than what I now suffer in my daily life. Therefore, I shall be patient with the trials which come along. Some day I may rise to a higher generosity with You. I may even reach the joy which Your saints had in suffering for You. I must, however, begin today. I hope to face my problems and annoyances with patience, for Your sake, my Jesus. Amen.

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