Gratitude to God

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Gratitude to God

CHRIST tells you:

MY CHILD, all things were made by Me, and without Me nothing can exist. I am the center of all existence and the source of all truth. In your daily life you must love truth. I am pleased with the honest man, the man who lives his life according to the truth. Face facts and admit them in your thoughts, words, and actions.
2. The truth is, that you are the work of My hands, dependent on Me for every moment of your existence and for everything in your daily life. This truth demands that you be grateful to Me. I cannot allow you to act as though you deserved the talents, opportunities, and good things in your daily life. Such an attitude would be a lie. I owe you nothing, while you owe Me everything, absolutely every good thing which you have or enjoy.

3. In every breath, in every heartbeat, in every thought, word, and deed, you receive My assistance. In many ways it is I who serve you, rather than you who serve Me. Unworthy as you are, My generosity never ceases to help you. My goodness never turns away from you. My love cares for your needs every second of the day and night.

4. I have given you the intelligence to realize this truth, and the free will to admit it in your daily life. Be true to that intelligence and make good use of that freedom by often showing your gratitude to Me. Your gratitude will be imperfect if it is in words alone. You must perfect it by action. Be humble in your attitude toward others. Be patient with those who cannot live up to your expectations. Be kind and generous with those who need your help. Your good example will help others please Me more in their own lives. This is your daily proof of sincere gratitude to Me.

Can I ever forget my complete dependence on God? Yet, do I not forget it in my daily life? How often I am guilty of foolish pride, shallow vanity, blind self-seeking, and childish selfsatisfaction. Without God’s loving support I am nothing. My true greatness lies in accepting this fact and living according to it. How differently I will treat those around me, when this truth has become a part of my ordinary thinking. Only then will I be a man of truth. Only then will I be a man after God’s own heart.

My God and my All I Dear Lord, make this the frequent cry of my heart I Let me never forget how very truly You are my All. All the good things which have made my life worth while, not only those which I know, but also those of which I am unaware, every one of these things is a loving gift from You. No matter how much I think of my welfare, no matter how much I desire my own good, You think of my good and provide for my welfare far more than I ever could. Lord, let me prove my deep gratitude, not just with words, but as You desire. I wish to prove it with a daily life which seeks first and foremost to please You. I want to take each gift of Yours today and return it to You by my intelligent and unselfish use of it. In my dealings with people, I hope to treat them with some of the generosity, love, and consideration which You have shown to me. In all my thoughts, in all my words, in all my actions today, I hope to shout a heartfelt “Thank You” to You. Amen.

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