Love of Novelty and Variety

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Love of Novelty and Variety


MY CHILD, curiosity is a good thing as long as it is controlled by reason and grace. In many things, curiosity does more harm than good. Some people have such a desire to be considered learned and intelligent that they try to answer all difficulties and solve all problems.

2. No man knows all the answers. In fact, there are times when it is better not to know the answer. just go along, doing your daily tasks and fulfilling your obligations. Learn whatever may help you to live a more useful and more virtuous life. Such knowledge will help you find My peace.

3. At times curiosity can interfere with your best interests. In dealing with My teachings, take them with simplicity and humility, instead of trying to understand the why and wherefore of every statement. At times it is necessary to accept My teachings simply because they are Mine. Some truths are too deep for your limited human intelligence. If you could have learned them by yourself, I would not have come down to reveal them to you. You must accept them with faith, humility, and simplicity. Am I not the Author of all truth?

4. Control your curiosity. It is better to ignore some things as though they did not exist. You will sometimes find it best to be deaf, dumb, and blind for My sake. You are not ready yet to learn the full truth. For the present fill your mind and heart with those thoughts and desires which will help you gain eternal life. Direct your interest toward things which will make you more honest and content in your daily duties.

5. Remember, the eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor is the ear satisfied with hearing. There is more to your daily life than what you see and hear. You are surrounded by an invisible world, the world of spiritual reality. It will go on existing after this earthly world has passed away.

6. Try to learn as much as you can about the truths which I have revealed. Beware, however, of proud curiosity, which presumes to understand all things or seeks to impress others with knowledge.

Curiosity can lead to greater knowledge, but it can also be harmful. In relation to God’s words, man’s first concern must be to believe them because God inspired them. If one is more interested in studying God’s words than in living them, then his curiosity is not a good thing. As long as one is doing his best to obey Christ’s Church, he can safely study God’s holy revelation in order to understand it better.

Holy Ghost, divine Inspirer of human hearts, grant me the grace to study Your words humbly and to obey them unselfishly. Let me understand ever more deeply how I may apply Your Wisdom in my daily life. The more faithfully I follow Your holy Will, the more safely and profitably will I be able to understand what You have revealed to the world through Holy Scripture and Christ’s Church. Amen.

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