CHRIST tells you:

MY CHILD, he who believes My words possesses the truth. I have spoken to the world; firstly, through man’s conscience, secondly through the Prophets, thirdly, through My personal life on earth, and finally through My Church.

2. My Church continues My work on earth. Her voice is My voice, and Her authority was given to Her by Me. “He that heareth you, heareth Me,” I told My Apostles. They still carry on My work through their legitimate successors. The Scriptures and the Traditions would have been subject to errors and misinterpretations, if I had not left an infallible Church.

3. Do not be surprised if you cannot understand all that I teach. As the intelligence of adults is greater than that of a child, so too is My Divine Intelligence far above that of mortal

4. He who believes only what he can understand is limiting himself to a very small portion of the Truth which I revealed. Human reason is weak, and it may be deceived in many things, That is why I told My Church to teach “what I have commanded,” promising to preserve Her from error. Had I not made these promises, you would have no way of being sure that you are following My words correctly. Only to My Church did I grant a guarantee from error. “He that heareth you, heareth Me,” I told My Apostles. The world today needs that guarantee more than ever. And therefore My promise still stands.

5. I do not demand great intelligence. I ask only for faith in My words and loyalty to My Will. I will not deny My grace to any man who is willing to pray and labor for My gift of faith.

God wants faith and a holy life. Whatever I cannot understand, I can safely believe on His word. He cannot deceive me because He is the Fountain of all truth. When I take God’s word, I am performing the most intelligent act possible to man. I can learn God’s thoughts and holy Will by learning the doctrines and commands which His Son placed in His holy Church. Christ speaks to me through His Church. He teaches me His unerring view of life and offers me His holy peace. In His sacraments He gives me His own heavenly strength to avoid what is wrong and to do what is right.

God of truth, can I ever doubt what You have revealed through Your Divine Son? Jesus has brought me Your message. Moreover, He has preserved that message from error and misunderstanding in the Church which He founded. Through His Church He has promised to speak to me and to guide me on toward eternal life. Let me never tire of learning ever more and more about Your holy truth. Make me eager to use Your holy sacraments as often as possible. Only when I fail to use these heavenly gifts, does the battle for Heaven become too difficult. Let me prove my faith by a continual effort to know You better and serve You more perfectly in my daily life. Grant that I may make full use of Your wonderful gift to me-the Church. May I never be so foolish as to depend only on my small human knowledge and strength in the daily combat for Heaven. Amen.

Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King

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Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King

(Last Sunday in October)

** Christ the King **It was no new truth, no new cult even, that Pope Pius XI announced, when in His Encyclical of December 11, 1925, he introduced into the sacred liturgy of the Church the special festival of Christ the King. The beautiful truth of the Kingship of Christ runs like a thread of royal purple throughout the prayers of the Christian ages. It may be said to have been an intimate part of the Old Testament liturgy and worship, especially in the Psalms and the Prophecies. With the coming of the fullness of time, all these predictions passed into realization. Christ affirmed before the world His Kingdom and Kingship. The three Holy Kings announced it at His Birth. In person He declared it to Pilate. As a King He pictured Himself to the Jews when He foretold His judgment of the world. As a King the Apocalyse presents Hm to us. And as a King He will finally surrender Himself and His Kingdom to the Father.

It is an article of our holy Faith that Christ, as man, has fullest spiritual power, leading to salvation, establishing the Church and Her Sacraments, and disposing of all graces in the supernatural order. In virtue of the union of His human nature with the Divine, He possesses still greater power, which is the foundation of this Feast. His is the full triple power of royalty: He is supreme Lawgiver under God, and His legislation all are bound to obey; He is ultimate Judge over mankind; He is the sovereign Executive whose command everyone must heed and whose sentence no one can escape. The sphere of His Kingly dominion embraces in their entirety both the temporal and spiritual realms.

Devotion to Our Lord Jesus Christ the King, offers to all Christians a new social outlook upon the world. We, as individuals, must strive to be subject to Christ most perfectly, in mind, will, and heart, because we are purchased at the price of His own precious Blood. This service should be expressed no less in our domestic relations, so that Christ may be King of the home. Christ is also King of all human society as well as King of nations. The remedy of all our evils is once more to bring society back to the gentle rule of Christ, whose yoke is sweet and whose burden of sovereignty is light. For this reason the whole Church has instituted the great Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King.


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Adapted from The Liturgical Year by Abbot Gueranger

Pope Pius XI opens the “Holy Door” at the beginning of the Jubilee Year, 1925, which he concluded with the institution of the Feast of Christ the King.

The Kingdom of Heaven—Holy Church—is seen bringing forth out of Her treasure “things new and old.” Hence, guided by the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of Him Who has promised to be with Her not merely for a few centuries but unto the end of the world, She defines or emphasizes certain points of doctrine as She sees fit, considering the needs of the times. We have an example in the institution of the Feast of the Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ by the Sovereign Pontiff, Pope Pius XI, in the jubilee year 1925, and explained to the faithful in the Encyclical Quas Primas.

Christians have ever hailed our Divine Lord as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. It was as a King that the representatives of the Eastern world came to adore Him in the manger; it was as a King, albeit not knowing what he did, that the official representative of the western world lifted Him up on the Cross. The patriarchs and prophets of the old dispensation foretold His royalty; He spoke constantly of His Kingdom: when asked plainly whether He were in truth a King by the representative of Caesar, He acknowledged that such indeed He was, though of a Kingdom not of this world.

“His Kingship is founded upon the ineffable hypostatic union. It is spiritual, and concerned with spiritual things. It is opposed to none other than that of Satan, and to the powers of darkness. Christ is King over Angels and men; King over men’s hearts and wills; His Kingship demands of its subjects a spirit of detachment from riches and earthly things, and a spirit of gentleness. They must hunger and thirst after justice and, more than this, they must deny themselves and carry the cross.”

Yet though His is a spiritual Kingdom, opposed to no just earthly power, “it would be a grave error to say that Christ has no authority whatever in civil affairs, since by virtue of the absolute empire over all creatures committed to Him by His Eternal Father, all things are in His power. All men, whether collectively or individually, are under the dominion of Christ the King. In Him is the salvation of the individual, in Him is the salvation of society.” Continue reading