Human Hurts

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Human Hurts

CHRIST tells you:

MY CHILD, what is man that you should fear his contempt or insults? Today he seems so strong and powerful, and tomorrow he will be laid in his coffin. Fear only sin, and stand by Me. Human words and even injuries are not as terrible as they seem. My martyrs, who now shine forth in heavenly glory, can tell you how true this is.

2. The harsh critics and the persecutor hurt themselves far more than they hurt their victims. They shall not escape My judgment. I will deal with them as they dealt with their fellow man. Do not seek revenge against them by word or deed. Leave them to Me, without wishing them any harm.

3. If the criticism and fault-finding of others confuse and discourage you, turn to Me and let Me strengthen you with patience. I shall relieve you in your confusion and injury.

4. Remember too that this suffering may well be offered to Me as a reparation for your many sins against Me. This consideration will make you more willing to be despised and
forsaken by people. You will then find strength to bear this present trial in peace. At times it is good for you to suffer opposition and to have people think ill of you and
slight you, even when you mean well. This is often a valuable means for gaining humility and patience. Then will you call on Me to judge what goes on within you as you realize the unreliability of human judgments and friendships.

As long as I live among human beings, I must expect misunderstandings, differences of opinion, criticism, and even bad will. Different people will treat me differently. I tend to
treat others as they treat me. If I do this, I shall be making a mistake. Jesus wants me to treat everyone kindly, patiently, and unselfishly, for His sake. He wants me to see not them, but Him. He will say at the last judgment, “You did it to Me.” People may think me a fool for not seeking an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, but Jesus wants me to forgive and pray for those who hurt me. If I find this too hard, I need only think of what He has done to forgive me my sins and draw me toward Heaven.

My loving and all-wise Saviour, You lowered Yourself to the ground to make up for my many sins. You even asked the Father to forgive me as You hung in agony on the cross.
Am I greater than You that I should resent the unkind ways of those around me? In making up for my sins, You embraced many of the human trials which I resent in my daily life. Will I refuse to be like You by my impatience with the human faults around me? Besides, I should not forget my sins. I can offer these trials in reparation for the selfishness which I have shown You in my daily sins and imperfections. Grant me the wisdom to see this truth, and give me the love to follow it. I shall fear no man’s words or judgments as much as I fear my own pride and selfishness. Amen.

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