The Promises by our Lord Jesus Christ to Blessed Margaret Mary Alacoque in favor of persons devoted to His Divine Heart

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The Promises by our Lord Jesus Christ to Blessed Margaret Mary Alacoque in favor of persons devoted to His Divine Heart

1. “I will give them all the grace necessary for their state of life.”
2. “I will establish peace in their families.”
3. “I will console them in all their pains and trials.”
4. ”I will be their assured refuge in life and especially in death.”
5. “I will shed abundant blessings upon all their undertakings.”
6. “Sinners shall find in My Heart an infinite ocean of Mercy.”
7. ”Lukewarm souls will be rendered fervent.”
8. “Fervent souls shall rise rapidly to greater perfection.”
9. “I will bless every house in which an image to My Sacred Heart shall be exposed and honored.”
10. “I will give to Priests the talent of moving the hardest hearts.”
11. “The names of those who propagate this devotion shall be written in My Heart, from which they shall never be effaced.”
12. “Publish, and cause it to be published, over all the world, that I will set, no limits to My graces for those souls that come to seek them in this. My Heart.”

Acts of Adoration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

I. The Word was made flesh, and dwelt amongst us.

Eternal Word, made man for the love of us, humbly prostrate at Thy feet, we adore Thee with our whole mind, and with the most profound veneration. To make amends for our ingratitude for so great a benefit, we unite in sincerity of heart with all those who love Thee, and offer Thee our most humble and affectionate thanksgivings. Deeply sensible of that excess of humility, goodness, and sweetness which we acknowledge in Thy divine Heart, we petition Thee for Thy grace to imitate these virtues, so pleasing to Thee.

Our Father, etc. Hail Mary, etc. Glory be to the Father, etc.

II. He was crucified for us.

Jesus, our admirable Redeemer, humbly prostrate at Thy feet, we adore Thee with our whole mind and with the most profound veneration. To testify the grief which we feel for our past insensibility to all the outrages and sufferings which Thy most loving Heart made Thee endure for our salvation, in Thy bitter passion and death, we unite in sincerity of heart with all those who love Thee, in order that we may thank Thee with our whole soul. We admire the infinite patience and generosity of Thy divine Heart, and petition Thee to replenish our hearts with that spirit of Christian mortification, which may make us courageously embrace sufferings, and fix our great consolation and all our glory in Thy cross.

Our Father, etc. Hail Mary, etc. Glory be to the Father, etc.

III. Thou hast given them bread from heaven,
which abounds with all delights.

O Jesus, inflamed with love of us, humbly prostrate at thy feet, we adore Thee with our whole mind, and with the most profound veneration. In order to make atonement for the outrages which thy divine Heart daily receives in the most blessed Sacrament of the altar, we unite in sincerity of heart with all those who love Thee, and render Thee the most affectionate thanksgiving. We love, in Thy divine Heart, that intensely-burning love which Thou entertainest for Thy eternal Father, and humbly beseech Thee to inflame our hearts with an ardent love of Thee and of our neighbour.

Our Father, etc. Hail Mary, etc. Glory be to the Father, etc.

Finally, O most amiable Jesus, we beseech Thee, by the sweetness of Thy most Sacred Heart, to convert sinners, to comfort the afflicted, to assist the agonising, and to afford relief to the holy souls suffering in purgatory. Unite our hearts in the bonds of true peace and charity, deliver us from an unprovided death, and grant that we may die in holiness and tranquillity of mind. Amen.

V. Heart of Jesus, burning with love of us.
R. Inflame our hearts with love of Thee.


Grant, we beseech Thee, Almighty God, that we who glory in the most Sacred Heart of Thy beloved Son, and bear in mind the exceeding great benefits of His charity towards us, may delight in the good conferred on us, and enjoy its effects: through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.

O divine Heart of Jesus, I adore Thee with all the powers of my soul; I consecrate them to Thee for ever, with all my thoughts, words, and actions, and my whole self. I desire to adore Thee, to love thee, and to glorify Thee, in the same manner, as far as possible, as Thou dost adore, love, and glorify Thy eternal Father. Be Thou, I beseech Thee, the restorer of my weakness, and the protector of my life, my refuge, and my asylum at the hour of death. I conjure Thee, by the sighs and the anguish which Thou didst endure for me during the whole course of Thy mortal life, to grant me a true contrition for my sins, a contempt of earthly things, an ardent desire of eternal glory, a confidence in Thy infinite merits, and final perseverance in Thy grace.

O Heart of Jesus, all love, I offer Thee these humble prayers for myself, and for all those who unite in spirit with me in adoring Thee. Vouchsafe, through thy infinite goodness, to receive and hear them; above all, for him who among us shall first depart from this mortal life. O amiable Heart of my Saviour, pour down upon him, in the agony of death, Thy interior consolations; receive him into Thy sacred wounds; purify him from every defilement in this furnace of love, that Thou mayst grant him admittance into Thy glory, where he may become intercessor, before Thy presence, for all those who remain in this exile. O most holy Heart of my dearly beloved Jesus, I desire to renew and to offer Thee these acts of adoration, and these prayers, every moment I breathe, to the end of my life, for myself, a miserable sinner, and for all who are associated with me to adore Thee. I recommend to Thee, O my Jesus, the holy Catholic Church, Thy beloved spouse, and our true mother; also, the souls who are suffering in purgatory, and all poor sinners, the afflicted, the agonizing, and all mankind. Do not permit Thy blood, poured out for them, to become useless to them. Vouchsafe, finally, to apply it for the relief of the souls in purgatory, and for those in particular who, during life, were wont devoutly to adore Thee.

O most amiable heart of Mary, the most pure of all hearts of creatures, and the most replete with the love of the Heart of Jesus, at the same time most merciful towards us, poor sinners, obtain for us, from the Heart of our Redeemer, the graces we ask of Thee. Mother of mercy, one look from thee, one only movement of thy heart, burning with love for that of Jesus, thy divine Son, can fully console us. Grant us, therefore, this favour; and then this divine Heart of Jesus, through the filial love which it bore, and always will bear towards thee, shall not fail to hear and answer our request. Amen

Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque

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Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque

Virgin, Apostle of the Sacred Heart

Saint Margaret Mary, a soul of divine predilection, was born at Terreau in Burgundy, on July 22, 1647. During her infancy she showed a wonderfully sensitive revulsion to the very idea of sin, and while still a young child always recited the entire Rosary every day. She lost her father at the age of eight years, and her mother placed her with the Poor Clares. She was often sick and for four years was bedridden, losing almost entirely the use of her members. She made a vow to Our Lady to become one of Her daughters if She cured her, and was suddenly entirely well.

She was of a gay temperament and her heart became easily attached to human affections. God began her purification when the charge of her mother’s house was confided to persons who reduced the family to a sort of servitude. Margaret Mary turned to God for strength and consolation when she was accused of various crimes she had not committed. In short, the Saint of the Sacred Heart learned to suffer for Christ, with patience, what innocence can suffer in such situations.

She desired to be a religious, but her mother could not bear to hear a word of that desire. Finally God came to her assistance through a Franciscan priest, who told her brother that he would answer to God for the vocation of his sister. In 1671 she entered the Order of the Visitation of Mary, at Paray-le-Monial, and was professed the following year. She followed all the practices of the monastery in perfect obedience, spending as much time as she could in the chapel with her Lord. After sanctifying her by many trials, Jesus appeared to her in numerous visions, displaying to her His Sacred Heart, sometimes burning as a furnace, and sometimes torn and bleeding on account of the coldness and sins of men. Behold this Heart which has so loved men, and been so little loved by them in return!

In 1675, she was told by Our Lord that she, with the aid of Father Claude de la Colombiere of the Society of Jesus, was to be His instrument for instituting the feast of the Sacred Heart, and for spreading that devotion everywhere. This was not accomplished without great sufferings. The good Jesuit did all in his power to make known and loved the Heart of Jesus, but when it seemed all obstacles were about to disappear, his credit diminished, and his Superiors sent him to England. He returned to France exhausted and soon died.

Saint Margaret Mary was for a time Mistress of Novices, and in this office exercised a true apostolate, working to win for the Heart of Jesus the hearts of the young girls who were aspiring to religious consecration. She was persecuted when she sent one of them home, not having seen in her the indications of a genuine vocation; the family attempted to have her deposed. She remained in the charge but was deprived of Holy Communion on the First Friday of the month. This practice was one of Our Lord’s specific requests; for souls who communicate nine First Fridays in succession, He promised the most wonderful graces. The demons also persecuted her visibly; nonetheless her entire Community was finally won over to devotion to the Divine Heart.

Saint Margaret Mary died at the age of forty-two years, on October 17, 1690, and everywhere was heard in the city: The Saint is dead! The Saint is dead! She was beatified in 1864 by Pope Pius IX, and canonized in 1920 by Pope Benedict XV.

Reflection: Love for the Sacred Heart especially honors the Incarnation, and makes the soul grow rapidly in humility, generosity, patience, and union with its Beloved.

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CHRIST tells you:

MY CHILD, as you go through life, your heart tends to attach itself to many things. If these attachments become too strong, they will make you their slave. You will eventually sin because of them. True, your natural likes and dislikes are not decided by an act of the will. You can, however, control them with the help of prayer, mortification, and My Sacraments.

2. Purify your love for all earthly things, by using them wisely according to My law. Only with a pure love such as this can you escape the slavery of earthly attachments. You will never again be too troubled at the possibility of losing something, be it a friend or a cherished possession. Nor is this a form of misguided selfishness. You are simply choosing first things first-God before creatures.

3. Refuse to be a slave of anything on earth. Love Me and My Will more than all else. You are still disturbed and displeased when matters go against your wishes and desires. You still fail to understand the passing nature of earthly things.

4. Let no human being nor earthly satisfaction mean so much to you that you would sin for them. If you love anything that much, your love is misguided and foolish. You are preferring a reflection of God to God Himself.

5. If you want true joy and real greatness, be attached to Me above every person and thing in your earthly life. Let your desires and love be guided by My wisdom, and they will never lead you into folly.

My true welfare lies not in possessing or enjoying many things on earth, but rather in using what I have wisely and sinlessly, with the intention of pleasing God. Riches, honor, praise, admiration, power and superiority over others, or whatever else may attract me on earth, all of these things must one day pass away. Why be too interested in what I am sure to lose? Unless I use them as God desires, I will use them the wrong way, and they will draw me away from Him. The more I come to know God, the more will I desire to lessen my attachments on earth. I will try to be more aware of Him throughout the day. My real needs are few. True, human nature objects to being deprived of what it likes. Still, I ought to get rid of whatever does not really improve my life.

My God, You are the perfect Good. Whatever attracts me in any human person or in anything, is but a tiny reflection of Your infinite perfection. How can I be so foolish as to prefer a reflection to the reality? Yet, that is what I do when I displease You by sin. Help me to face this truth. From now on I desire to live for You by a proper use of things in my daily life. Whatever leads me into sin must go. Let me love and choose only what will help me please You. You know what is best. Show me Your Will and give me strength to follow it. Amen.