The Last Apparition: The Great Day

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The Last Apparition: The Great Day — October 13, 1917

Our Lady’s manifestation: “I am the Lady of the Rosary” Recite the Rosary fervently and frequently.–The Great Miracle.

All Portugal was aware of the miracle that was going to happen on October 13 as Our Lady had announced, to give testimony to the previous apparitions and to challenge the world.

The roads to Fatima were crowded with pilgrims on the day previous to the apparition. The day itself was everything but promising. It was wet, gloomy, and cold. Nevertheless 70,000 had gathered about the Cova. Precisely at midday Lucy cried out, “There is the lightning — see, she is coming — she comes; do you see her?” Lucy’s mother was kneeling beside her child and warned her of “seeing” things. Lucy knew better and directed a question to the apparition, “Who are you and what do you want of me?”

“I am the Lady of the Rosary,” was the answer. “I want a chapel built here in my honor: the Rosary must be recited every day. Men must amend their lives and must ask pardon for their sins. Men must no longer offend our Divine Lord who is already offended too much.”

At this moment the solar prodigy began and more apparitions in three successive scenes were being observed by the children. First they saw to the right of the sun the Holy Family, and to its left St. Joseph with the Infant Jesus, blessing the world. In the second scene, Lucy relates to have seen to the right of the sun, our Lord blessing the world and Our Lady of the Seven Dolors to the left of the whirling sun. In the last scene Our Lady of Mt. Carmel was holding the Scapular in her hand. It would not be too far fetched to interpret these pictures as vivid symbols of the joyful, sorrowful, and glorious mysteries of the Rosary which the world was asked to recite often in thoughtful meditation.

The Solar Miracle

The spectacular feature of the sun as it trembled, shook, and moved like a wheel of fire with a display of colors in a fantastic manner was seen by the multitude for a period of twelve minutes. All news-reporters have given testimony of this prodigy. Then this phenomenon came to a stop; but the display of fireworks was resumed after a moment’s lull. Again all calmed down only to be taken up again in more gorgeous colors the like of which the world had never seen before. This was the great miracle which was promised to prove the genuineness of all apparitions as well as a heavenly warning to us human creatures so absorbed in the things of this world. On this day, October 13, all witnesses of the spectacle were gripped and professed their belief in a God. “My God, have mercy,” was the cry of the multitude. This was the turn for the better for all Portugal.

Extensive Research Accounts were published by:

1. His Excellency, the Bishop of Leiria, Portugal.
2. Dr. Formigan, Professor of Theology at the Patriarchal Seminary at Lisbon, one of the best informed authorities, for he assisted discreetly at the apparitions of September 13 and October 13.
3. Rev. Gonzaga da Fonseca, S.J., Professor at the Pontifical Biblical Institute at Rome.
4. Canon Bartha, who was highly lauded by the Holy See.
5. O Seculo, a Newspaper in Portugal.

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