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“My CHILD, on the day of JUDGMENT the rags of the poor will shine more brilliantly than the fine clothes of those who loved this earthly life too much. The homes of the poor will be honored more than the comfortable mansions of the rich. In that hour the patience of my loyal followers will have greater merit than the human might of this world. SIMPLE OBEDIENCE TO MY LAWS will be more highly praised than all earthly cleverness.

In the Day of Truth a PURE AND GOOD CONSCIENCE will bring more joy than mere learning. The man who refused to sin for earthly gain, will be the envy of those who lived only for this world. You will have more rewards for having PRAYED DEVOUTLY than for having enjoyed earth’s pleasures and comforts.

Then you will be glad of the PRAYFUL SILENCE you observed, rather than having talked a great deal. GOOD WORKS will be of GREATER VALUE than good words. SELF-CONTROL AND HEALTHY PENANCE will be more pleasing to Me than all the delights of the world.”

How different are God’s standards from those of worldly men I Is it any wonder that those who live God’s way seem to live a foolish life? Yet the real fools are those who disagree with God’s standards. Christ is sure to triumph at the judgment, and those who follow His standards are certain to triumph with Him.

My Jesus, can I be fool enough to live by any other standard than Yours? Let me embrace Your standards in my daily life. Though I may find life harder, I will not complain as long as I know that Your Will is guiding me. Through the Church and the Scriptures, You promise to lead me to a happy judgment and a joyful eternity. I hope to be a loyal follower of Yours each day of my earthly life. Amen.

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