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MY CHILD, in many a trial and trouble, I come to you and ask you to believe in Me. Put your confidence in Me, and prove that you mean it, by refusing to worry. If your trials were not good for you, I would remove them at once.

2. Do not be frightened. Why worry about coming events? Take care of today’s problems, and leave tomorrow in My hands. Many of tomorrow’s troubles are only in your imagination. How do you know that you will live another day? Did you ever stop to think of the numberless things which can prevent the trouble which you fear? Lastly, remember that nothing can happen without My consent. Place yourself in My care and fear nothing.

3. The devil can easily make men think wrongly when they live on their feelings. He appeals to their likes and dislikes, and so corrupts their ideas of right and wrong. He gradually guides them as he pleases. His slaves walk blindly along the road to Hell,
controlled by their feelings and drugged by their imagination.

4. You will never make this mistake if you are guided by reason and faith. Listen to My voice coming to you through My Church. Follow My words. Keep your eyes on Me. Do not let the world blind you to My presence and My love. Fear not I am near you. With Me you are walking toward eternal life. Walk bravely on and follow My Will in all things. My peace will be with you.

Imagination and feelings rule the lives of many. As a result they fear and avoid a number of things. They do not think with their intelligence, but with their feelings. They exaggerate the unpleasant so much, that they cannot bear to face it. They are slaves of their fears. I must let my intelligence and God’s grace bring light and freedom into my daily life. I’ll listen often to His words as He speaks to Me through His Church and through grace. By doing this, I will be free of many fears.

Lord, what have I to fear? You know all things and foresee everything which is to happen to me. Nothing can happen without Your consent. you will never consent to anything which is really bad for me. Knowing all this, can I have anything other than peace in my daily life? Let me not offend You by a lack of confidence. I trust in You. I will do my best to remedy whatever difficulties arise, but whatever be the results of my efforts, I will accept them as Your holy Will. In Your all-wise and loving Will I will find my peace. Amen.

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