Evil Thoughts

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Evil Thoughts


MY CHILD, do not be troubled if you are visited by evil tendencies or strange imaginings. Keep your resolutions firm and your intention clear before Me. You are not suffering from illusions, even though at one moment you are full of spiritual desires and joy, and then shortly afterwards you are back in your foolish ways. Some of your defects are to be borne patiently for My sake. I will not hold them against you. In fact, they bring you great merit as long as you are truly displeased with them and refuse to consent to them.

2. I permit the devil to wander over the earth. He is continually trying to kill your desire for Me. He tries in many different ways to draw you away from every holy exercise. He can hurt you only if you follow his suggestions. In his attempts to draw you away from Me, he studies you to see where you are weakest.

3. Satan suggests evil thoughts to cause weariness or despair in you. He would like to draw you away from all prayer, holy reading, or any good work. He dreads seeing anyone make a humble confession. If he could he would stop you from receiving Me in Holy Communion. And yet, in spite of his frantic and constant efforts against you, he is helpless if you decide to stand by Me, with faith, hope and love.

4. Despise the enemy, and fear him not. Fix your attention on your daily occupations. Follow My words in your daily life. Seek grace and inspiration by prayer and meditation. Think often of My life. Honor My saints. Recall and detest your sins. Watch over your desires, thoughts, and intentions. Make your resolutions, renew them often, and do your best to follow them. Trust in My wisdom and love for the rest.

I need not think that I am less loyal to our Lord when I have lost that feeling of devotion which I desire to have toward God and His saints. Holy feelings are a favor which God grants for a moment. They are a short foretaste of Heaven. They are not meant to be a permanent gift in this life. Therefore, I must not depend on them. My true virtues and merit are best known when those feelings are not present. In everyday, hum-drum activities how well do I fulfill my duties? What kind of resistance do I offer to my unreasoning tendencies and desires within me? How devotedly do I try to please God in all things? The devil has not a chance against me if I am really doing my best.

Dear Father of Light, when my mind is overclouded with confusion or anxieties, grant me the light of Your grace, so that I may fix my eyes on Your truth and walk safely toward Heaven. In Your Church I will seek Your guidance as You desire me to do. All the powers of hell are helpless against me, if I will only be wise enough to seek Your truth and use the

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