Unselfish with God

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Unselfish with God


MY CHILD, do not look for spiritual consolation or interior good feelings in your prayers and good works. Serve Me for My sake, as I deserve. Let your service depend on My word, and not on any pleasant feelings which I may send you. If I gave interior consolation and joy for every good work, many a worldly man would follow My commandments for the sake of these gifts.

2. As long as you are in this life, you will be tempted by the blind selfishness of fallen human nature. Turn frequently to Me and let Me guide your self-interest. I desire your self- interest to be intelligent and well-ordered. Place Me above all persons and things created.

3. I am far greater than all My works. I am your greatest Treasure! Seek Me above all else. Consider what I mean in your life. What do I deserve of you? What have I a right to expect of you? Can you draw your next breath or take your next step without My consent and assistance? Could you exist another instant if I withdrew My support? Only by facing these facts, and living on them each hour of the day, can you give Me the intelligent service which you owe Me.

4. Spiritual consolation is only a temporary gift to encourage one who is earnestly trying to serve Me. This gift is not at the command of any man, and it will not be given to anyone who seeks it for itself. Such a person is too much like the man who seeks his entire happiness in the pleasures, satisfactions, and honors of this world. A frank and intelligent remembrance of your unworthiness, will help you perform your prayers and good works without expecting spiritual consolations in return.

Jesus is right. I do not deserve the least of His gifts. I already owe Him so much that I should be glad to do His Will, without looking for further gifts. He owes me nothing, and I owe Him everything. If He chose to leave me in misery and sorrow, He would be doing me no injustice, since all that I am and have belong to Him.

Lord, I know that You will never treat me as poorly as I deserve, as long as I am truly trying to improve my daily life. You will never be outdone in generosity. Each holy desire and every good deed of mine will be rewarded a hundredfold. You will not leave me in my misery and troubles any longer than is necessary for my real good. I have deserved little, but I need You and hope in Your help. Let me follow Your wise and holy Will by seeking You first, and Your gifts only as far as You want me to have them. Amen.

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