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My CHILD, if you directed your desires according to My Will, you will learn many a holy lesson from the events of daily life. Nothing is too small or unimportant that it does not, in some way, reflect My wisdom and goodness. When you have become good and unselfish as you should be, you will find it easy to understand the DEEPER MEANING of the events in your daily life. An UNSELFISH heart sees much more than what appears on the surface.

I created Heaven and earth for the service of man. I have even appointed ANGELS to help man. In fact, I MYSELF am continually serving and helping man. If he lives as I desire, he shall one day share with me the PERFECT happiness of heaven.

What are you doing in return for my numerous favors? You should serve me every single day of your life. Yet, you FAIL to give me UNSELFISH SERVICE even for ONE SINGLE DAY. I deserve all possible obedience, all possible honor and eternal praise. To Me you owe each breath and second of of life. Without my continued support, nothing could please or help you. ALL assistance and relief is the work of MY HAND.

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