“My CHILD, be not too impressed by appearances. Foolish people cannot help being happy if they are RICH, POWERFUL, or if they have FAME and INFLUENCE. Be wise with My wisdom. Fix your heart on HEAVENLY RICHES. They you will see that passing glories and unsteady contentment are not as desireable as they seem. In fact, they are often a burden of WORK, WORRY AND FEAR.

Man’s HAPPINESS does not consist in having so much things. A moderate amount of this world’s good things are enough for you if you are working everyday to reach Heaven. The more you see life from My VIEWPOINT, the more you shall realize that this earthly life is a CROSS. It has its trials, burdens, disappointments and sorrows, all of which must be borne by us patiently. It is NOT EASY TO BE A SPIRITUAL PERSON, because the good things of this world will appeal to your feelings. Learn to govern your feelings with REASON and GRACE. CONTROL your feelings with your INTELLIGENCE AND MY COMMANDMENTS.

As you desire for SPIRITUAL PERFECTION grows, you will find yourself thinking more definitely of Heaven. Your desire for Heaven will become stronger and stronger. You may even have to control a dislike for the needs and obligations of daily life.

The more you think of your eternal destiny, the more you will realize that this earthly life is a JOURNEY towards something far greater than the world. See each day as a step towards Heaven, and look at yourself to see whether you are on the RIGHT PATH. Slowly, you will come to value the events of your daily life according to My Will and Heaven’s eternal happiness.”

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