Vanity in Daily Life

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Vanity in Daily Life


MY CHILD, vanity is another name for foolish expectation and for useless pretense. Some people expect too much from the good things of this world. Others pretend to be bigger than they really are and try to attract more attention than they deserve.

2. Vanity of vanities, and all is vanity for those who do not love Me, or refuse to follow My commandments. Nothing is permanent under the sun. When you love anything for its own sake, and not because it helps you do My Will, you are a victim of vanity. Death shall take all these things away from you, and nothing will be left. How wise is the man who appreciates this truth!

3. It is vanity to strive too intently for perishable riches and to fix your hopes on them. It is vanity also to be over-eager for honors, or to consider your self better than others. It is vanity to follow blindly the desires of the flesh and to want things which will bring a great penalty later on.

4. It is vanity to wish for a long life while caring little about living a good life. It is vanity to give your entire attention to the present life without thinking of the life which will come later. It is vanity to love only what is speedily passing away, instead of fixing your heart on Heaven the home of endless joy.

If the dead could relive their lives, how differently many of them would value things I Now they know how foolish are many things for which they lived, and worked, and even sinned. The good, however, now enjoy perfect joy and happiness with God in Heaven because they refused to offend Him for any worldly comfort or glory. My life is my choice. Will I try to please God in all things, or will I prefer some earthly satisfaction against His holy Will?

Lord, grant me heavenly wisdom, so that I may learn to seek You above everything else. May I find You, enjoy Your presence in my life, and love You above everything else. Let me understand all things according to their importance in Your eyes. Grant that I may prudently avoid the flatterer and patiently bear with those who make my life more difficult. It is great wisdom to fight the undue influence of human words and to keep my eyes on Your holy law. In this way I shall go safely onward along the way that leads to eternal life, unending happiness, and the only lasting success. Amen.

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