Our Lady of Good Counsel

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Our Lady of Good Counsel

The famous picture now known as our Lady of Good Counsel appeared under miraculous circumstances in Genazzano, a town which is about thirty miles southeast of Rome, on St. Mark’s Day (April 25), 1467 in the old church of our Lady. This church had been under the care of the Augustinians for over a hundred years. At once people began to pray before this picture; miracles and graces are noted in a register that was opened the second day after the event.

Two Bishops, who had been sent in July of that same year by Pope Paul II, found that the picture was painted on a very thin layer of plaster and that, except for the support at its base, the picture was without any support. At the same time the picture was judged to be the same one that has been venerated for centuries in Scutari in Albania.

Pope Urban VIII and Pope Pius IX went on pilgrimage to this Shrine. Pope Benedict XIV approved a Pious Union of Our Lady of Good Counsel and became its first member. And it was Pope Leo XIII who authorized the insertion of the invocation “Our Lady of Good Counsel, pray for us” into the Litany of Loreto

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