Hours of the Passion

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Hours of the Passion

The Passion Clock is an unique memento of the Passion which they employ during the Sacred Triduum to aid the devotion of the faithful. The purpose of clock is to tell the story of the Passion, recounting the events of each of the 24 hours from the Last Supper to Our Lord’s entombment in the sepulcher on the evening of Good Friday.

Here’s how it works. All 24 hours are marked on the clock face, which is divided into two halves, one for the night hours (6pm – 6am) and one for the day hours (6am – 6pm), the time being notated according to both the old Roman method and the modern system. The events of the Passion are written out in a circular timeline, each event lining up with the hour in which it occurred.

One can imagine how the clock must bring the reality of the Passion into sharp relief, memorializing in the hearts of the faithful every moment of Our Lord’s hours of suffering.
With to accompany Our Lord in a new and profound way during the blessed hours of His most holy Passion.

by St. Alphonsus Liguori

First Twelve Hours



Jesus, having taken leave of Mary, celebrates His last supper.



Jesus washes the feet of the Apostles, and institutes the Most Holy Sacrament.


Discourse of Jesus; He goes to the Garden of Olives.



Prayer of Jesus in the garden.




The sweating of Blood.



Jesus is betrayed by Judas, and is bound.

Jesus is led before Annas.

Jesus is taken before Caiphas, and receives a blow in the face.

Jesus is blindfolded, struck, and scoffed at.

Forward for the Last Twelve Hours.

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