Feast of the Holy RelicsĀ 

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Feast of the Holy Relics

Had we angels’ eyes, we should see the earth as a vast field sown with seed for the resurrection. The death of Abel made the first furrow, and, ever since, the sowing has gone on unceasingly the wide world over. This land of labor and of suffering, what treasures it already holds laid up in its bosom! And what a harvest for Heaven, when the Sun of Justice, suddenly darting forth His rays, shall cause to spring up as suddenly from the soil the elect wheat, ripe for glory! No wonder that the Church Herself blesses and superintends the laying of the precious grain in the earth.

But the Church is not content to be always sowing. Sometimes, as though impatient of delay, She raises from the ground the chosen seed She had sown therein. Her infallible discernment preserves Her from error; and, disengaging from the soil the immortal germ, She forestalls the glory of the future. She encloses the treasure in gold or precious materials, carries it in triumph, invites the multitudes to come and reverence it; or She raises new temples to the name of the blessed ones, and assigns them the highest honor of reposing under the altar, whereon She offers to God the Tremendous Sacrifice. Continue reading