Our Lady of the Pillar

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Our Lady of the Pillar

Saragossa, Spain

All the solicitude of our great Mother and Lady was centered upon the increase and spread of the Holy Catholic Church, the consolation of the Apostles, disciples and the other faithful, and in defending them from the persecution and assaults prepared by the infernal dragon and his hosts. Before Our Blessed Lady departed from Jerusalem to take up her abode in Ephesus, She ordered and arranged many things, both by herself and her holy Angels, to provide for the needs of the Church in Her absence. The most effectual service She could render was Her continual prayer. She offered special prayers for St. James, head of the Church in Jerusalem, as she knew this Apostle would be the first to shed his blood for Christ. Continue reading

The Dogma of the Incarnation Rests on the Dogma of the Divine Maternity of Mary

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The Dogma of the Incarnation Rests on the Dogma of the Divine Maternity of Mary

taken from “Mary in the Gospels”
by Fr. J. Spencer Northcote, D.D., 1885

Mary the Mother of God
“Mary, of whom was born Jesus.”–St. Matthew 1. 16.

I MUST detain you once more with some preliminary considerations before we proceed to examine the actual facts of our Lady’s life recorded in the Gospels. And I will preface what I have to say with a story which is told of some poor Catholic lad who was picking up what instruction he could get in reading and writing at one of the so-called ragged schools in London. It is said that a Protestant Bishop and other Anglican clergymen came on some occasion to examine the scholars, and that this boy was asked if he could say his prayers. He began at once to repeat the “Our Father,” for which he was duly praised, and then went on (as any well instructed Catholic child would not fail to do) to recite the “Hail Mary”. But here his reverend examiners interrupted him, exclaiming, “Oh no, not that; we don’t want to hear anything at all about her; can’t you say something else?” The boy did as he was bid, left the Angelical Salutation unfinished, and began the Apostles’ Creed. But now it was his turn to stop. He broke off in the middle of the second article–“and in Jesus Christ our Lord”–and asked for further instructions. “What am I to do now, Sir, for here she comes again you don’t want to hear about?” Continue reading