St. Louis, King of France

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St. Louis, King of France

Louis IX., King of France, a perfect model of virtue to all princes, was born at Poissy, in 1215. Having early lost his father, Louis VIII., his mother, Blanche, a matron celebrated for her virtues and great mind, had him anointed king, when he was hardly twelve years old. Important reasons induced her to this step, although she remained regent during the king’s minority. To this pious queen and mother St. Louis was greatly indebted for his piety; for, she led him in the path of true fidelity to God, knowing that the welfare of the whole land depended upon it. In the first years of his childhood she instilled into his mind the fear of the Lord and a great aversion for sin, by saying to him: “Beloved child, I would rather see thee in thine innocence fall dead at my feet, than that thou shouldst ever commit a mortal sin.” These words Louis engraved so deeply into his heart, that he always abhorred sin more than all other evils, which is sufficiently illustrated by the fact that, according to the testimonials of his confessors, he never stained his soul with a mortal sin. The same fear he endeavored to impress upon others.  Continue reading

Our Lady Health of the Sick

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Our Lady Health of the Sick

Our Lady was well used to the sick-bed, the death-bed. There is silence in the Gospels about most of the details of Her life, only those being told which concern the vital facts of Her cooperation in the Incarnation. So much is told, however, that we know Her character, the fundamental principle of which was Her dedication to duty. She had Her duty as daughter, as wife and as mother. Every one of these relationships demanded that She serve as an Angel of Mercy.

Art has been very fond of St. Joachim and St. Ann, the parents of Our Lady. It sensed the deep affection of that religious family. Joachim and Ann took good care of their Heaven-sent child. It was but a fair return that She take care if them, already old when She was born. It is no stretch of imagination for us to see Mary waiting hand and foot on the old couple, sitting by their sick-bed and folding their hands in death. Continue reading