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The following miracles which Blessed Dominic, our father, worked in Rome were narrated by Sr. Cecilia of Rome. She was sent by Pope Honorius, of happy memory, with three other sisters from San Sisto to teach the community of St. Agnes in Bologna about the Order of Preachers, during the days of venerable Father Master Jordan.

Sister Cecilia received the habit from Blessed Dominic’s hands and made profession into his hands three times. She is still living in that same convent and is highly esteemed for the vigor of her holiness. Continue reading

St. Nicodemus

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St. Nicodemus

HE was by sect a Pharisee, and passed for a master and doctor in Israel, even when he was ignorant of the truths of eternal life. He seems to have been a senator of Jerusalem; for he is called a Jewish chief. The Pharisees were in general, by their pride, the most opposite of all others to the humility of the gospel. St. Nicodemus was an exception, and believed in Christ. 1 At first, something of a sacred opinion of his own wisdom and learning, which it is so hard and so rare a thing for men to be perfectly divested of, seems to have been an obstacle to his opening his heart perfectly to the grace of his conversion. To humble him, Christ explained to him the mystery of regeneration by baptism, which St. Nicodemus did not understand, though it was expressed in the prophets. Our merciful Redeemer reproached him for his ignorance. St. Nicodemus, far from being offended at the reproof, received it with such humility, and was so confounded within himself, that perfecting these dispositions, Christ conducted him into the paths of true virtue. He returned to Jesus from time to time; defended him openly against the Pharisees, 2 assisted at his burial, and embalmed his sacred body with rich spices. 3 Having been turned out of the synagogue by the Jews for believing in Christ, he retired to St. Gamaliel at his country house, and died there, as St. Austin 4 and Photius testify from the Acts of the Invention of St. Stephen’s relics. 1

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St. Dominic

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St. Dominic, Founder of the Preaching Friars

St. Dominic, the glorious patriarch and founder of the famous Order of the Friars Preachers, was born in Spain of illustrious and pious parents. His mother, before his birth, had a vision in her sleep, in which it seemed to her that she was bearing a little dog, which carried in its mouth a burning torch that illuminated the whole world. At the time of his baptism, a noble matron saw a bright star on the brow of Dominic. By this God probably intended to foreshadow the future labors of St. Dominic and their effect; how, by his sermons, he would drive away the heretics–those veritable wolves in the Christian fold– and how while he illumined the whole world with his teaching and virtues, he would at the same time inflame it with love of God.

Dominic evinced, in his earliest youth, a love of virtue quite unusual for his age. He would rise in the middle of the night to pray; he was extremely moderate in eating and drinking, and modest in all his ways. He detested all worldly amusements, avoided all questionable society, was compassionate towards the poor, and sought all his pleasure in prayer, in visiting the churches and in study. He acquired knowledge suitable for his station in life, was sent to the most renowned Universities, where he never departed, in the least, from his pious course. He preserved his innocence and purity unspotted till his death, and the means which he employed to do this were, avoidance of idleness, and of intercourse with the other sex; temperance in eating and drinking. Continue reading