The Precious Blood in Baptism 

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Meditation on the Most Precious Blood of Jesus

The Precious Blood in Baptism

In Baptism the Precious Blood washes away from the soul of the new-born child, or of the adult who approaches the sacrament in good dispositions, the stain of original sin. This privilege extends to all, whether within the Church or outside of it who are validly baptized with water, if the words prescribed are used, and the intention on the part of him who administers it is to do that which the Catholic Church does in the baptism of her children. Thus through the power of the Precious Blood hundreds and thousands of little children are enabled to see the face of God for ever in Heaven.

It is not merely the absence of what is hateful to God that is the result of Baptism. The soul of the baptized child receives a share of all the perfections and graces won for us by the Precious Blood. It is not merely cleansed, but sanctified. It is not colorless like water, but red with the charity of which the Precious Blood is the sign and symbol. It is filled with all the gifts of the Holy Ghost; the virtues of faith, hope, and charity are poured into it. It is exceedingly beautiful in God’s sight, for it has a supernatural likeness to Him.

This beauty remains in the soul of’all baptized persons until they commit a mortal sin. It goes on increasing with every action done for God. Nothing can take it from us except a deliberate or grave act of disobedience to His holy law. Pray for a continually increasing sense of the incomparable beauty of baptismal innocence.

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