Sanctification by the Precious Blood 

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Meditation on the Most Precious Blood of Jesus

Sanctification by the Precious Blood

The Precious Blood does more than wash away the sins of men and restore them to friendship with God. This is but the commencement of its work of love and mercy. It has in it unlimited power to carry them on to the heights of sanctity, to engender in them every virtue, to implant in their souls all the gifts of the Holy Ghost. So we read in the Apocalypse that the Lamb of God has not only washed us from our sins in His own Blood, but also made us to be kings and priests to God. Through the Precious Blood, then, are bestowed on me not only cleanness from my past sins, but graces to make me beautiful in the sight of God.

How does the Precious Blood win these graces for us? It appeals to the love of God, and reminds Him that, as He has given us the surpassing gift of His own Son to be sacrificed for us. He must with Him also freely give us all things. In that one gift all else is contained, and we have a sort of claim to whatever we want from the hands of God.

The Precious Blood of Christ also obtains our sanctification by the merits that it won for us. Each drop that was shed was enough, and more than enough, to purchase graces without limit or end. All the actions of our Lord had an infinite value by reason of His infinite dignity. How much more the shedding of that Blood, which, in itself, calls for the highest adoration, inasmuch as It was the Blood of God Himself, and He had communicated to It the glory of His Divinity by reason of the Hypostatic Union.

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