The Conquest of the Precious Blood 

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Meditation on the Most Precious Blood of Jesus

The Conquest of the Precious Blood

Victory, without conquest, is but of little avail to one who invades the territory of the foe. Our Lord came not only to subdue His enemies, but to obtain for Himself a kingdom. By the shedding of His Precious Blood, the kingdoms of this world became the kingdoms of our Lord, and He shall reign for ever and ever. The Blood of Jesus sinking into the ground gave to this earth a new life. The curse had departed, the new era had begun, which shall culminate in the new Heaven and the new earth, wherein dwelleth justice. Pray that the King may soon come to take possession of this kingdom.

The shedding of the Precious Blood also won for Christ our King not only a new territory, but a multitude of new subjects. If the material world was sanctified by the Precious Blood, how much more those who dwelt upon it! What must be the joy of Jesus to look down on countries still faithful to Him amidst trials and persecutions. Ireland, Belgium, Spain, Catholic Austria, many parts of France and Italy, covered with multitudes subdued and held in joyful captivity by the Precious Blood. Rejoice in the wide spread of the Faith, and pray that it may spread more and more.

Above all, the Precious Blood has subdued to the yoke of Christ priests innumerable, monks, nuns, saints in the world and in religion, all rejoicing to be the very bond-slaves of the Precious Blood. Their chief calls himself the Servant of the Servants of God. Pray that you may rejoice to be a willing slave of Jesus Christ.

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