The Precious Blood on Calvary

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Meditation on the Most Precious Blood of Jesus

The Precious Blood on Calvary

In old pictures and engravings ot the Crucifixion we often see Angels holding a chalice to catch the drops of the Precious Blood as they fell from the sacred wounds in the hands and feet of Jesus. It is also said that the angels collected all the Blood that our Lord had shed during his passion that not a drop might belost. How they must have counted each drop as a treasure of infinite value! What were all the treasures of earth compared with these drops, instinct with the God- head of Jesus! Pray that you may scorn all earthly things in comparison with the Precious Blood of Jesus.

The Angels not only treasure up the Precious Blood, but they pay to each drop their supreme homage. So we kneel and adore the Precious Blood in the chalice upon the altar. In each drop Christ is present whole and undivided. Make an act of faith in this wondrous miracle, and pray that you may adore with a reverent homage like that of the Angels present at the Crucifixion.

As the three hours advance, the Body of Jesus is more and more drained of the Precious Blood. Hence follows a thirst so agonizing that it forced from the lips of Jesus the cry, “I thirst” When our lips are parched and dry in sickness or in the agony of death, may we remember Thee, O Lord, and Thy Sacred Thirst, endured for us, and may we offer up our sufferings in union with Thy unspeakable and agonizing thirst upon the Cross!

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