The Anticipation of the Precious Blood

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Meditation on the Most Precious Blood of Jesus

The Anticipation of the Precious Blood

When the promise of the Redeemer to come was made to our first parents in the Garden of Eden after their fall, the shadow of the Precious Blood fell upon the world and reconciled it with God. The curse that had been incurred had lost its fatal power to destroy. The anger of God was appeased: He looked upon the earth through the medium of the Blood of His only-begotten Son, that was to be shed for sin, and for Its sake offered forgiveness and mercy to the sinners who repented of their sins. So may He extend to me the forgiveness and mercy, that I need far more than did Adam and Eve, for I have sinned far more deeply and more often than they.

As the ages rolled on, the same shadow, sheltering men from God’s fierce anger, still rested on the earth. In its sweet shade rested Abraham and all the Patriarchs, Samuel and all the Prophets; through its influence sinners found mercy and saints obtained graces innumerable. If it did so much for the heathen world, what must it not do for Catholic Christians? Grant, O Lord, that now and ever I may rest beneath the shadow of Him whom I have desired!

All through the thousands of years before Christ came, the tradition of the necessity of the shedding of blood for the forgiveness of sins was almost universal. The Jewish sacrifices were expressly ordained to keep up the memory of it. In heathen countries the blood of victims was almost everywhere offered. God never leaves Himself without a witness even among those who have departed from Him. Admire His goodness in so doing.


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