The Sacred Heart: Seven Protections from Evil

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The Sacred Heart: Seven Protections from Evil

1. The Sacred Heart of Jesus is a refuge from evil because it is a Eucharistic Heart. The True Presence, the Eucharistic Sacrifice, and Bread of Heaven sustains us in Him. We are not orphans. He remains with us. The demons are completely subject to Christ. The more we receive His love in the Eucharist, the more the demons fear us because Christ is in us.

2. The Sacred Heart of Jesus is an icon of humility. The Lamb of God is humility incarnate. He conquered the pride of Satan. When we clothe ourselves in Christ’s humility, we resist every shade of pride that Satan relentlessly suggests.

3. The Sacred Heart of Jesus is a vessel of hope. Christ is our unfailing hope. In Him, we place all our trust. Hope and trust combat the demonic spirits who tempt us to run hopelessly into their despair and darkness. The Sacred Heart is an abode of hope, help, and honor where evil cannot enter.

4. The Sacred Heart of Jesus is the beating Word of God. The Word of God is a living word with power to save. When we internalize the Word of God, the fiery darts of the evil one cannot penetrate. It is the devil’s demise: “But in all these things we more than conquer through him that has loved us.” (Romans viii:37).

5. The Sacred Heart of Jesus is the fount of saving mercy. This is an attribute of Almighty God that confounds and undoes the malicious hatred of demons. On the cross, with one thrust of the sword into the Sacred Heart, pour forth the saving mercy for the salvation of all mankind. The Evil One knows: the victory is the Lord’s. The wound of His Sacred Heart is the wound of love that heals us, and defeats Satan.

6. The Sacred Heart of Jesus is a bulwark against evil. Christ’s heart on fire pours out infinite love with salvific power to save. This repels the fallen angels and protects us from the devil’s burning desolation and destruction. The fire of Divine Love is a sanctifying fire leading to eternal beatitude. The unquenchable fire of hell is a tortuous dead end.

7. The Sacred Heart of Jesus is the true Love story. The Sacred Heart devotion is not our devotion. It is God’s devotion to us first. From Eden to Gethsemane to Calvary to the end of time, the devil seeks to distort and destroy God’s true Love story. Why? He has no place in it! He is outside of God’s love by his free choice. When we live in the truth of God’s love story, we are safe, free, loved and equipped for the “good fight.”

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