My Daily Bread: The Voice of Conscience

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The Voice of Conscience


MY CHILD, refuse to do wrong for anything in the world. It is better to have the whole world against you rather than have Me against you. Whoever loses Me, is losing more than the entire world. Whatever you love on earth is but a reflection of My goodness. If you fix your attention and interest only on worldly things or people, you will soon shut Me out and lose My grace.

2. As soon as you become too interested in worldly pleasure and ease, your conscience objects. You are your own worst enemy when you act against your conscience. The wrong which you do becomes worse when you try to excuse yourself or justify your actions.

3. No man can safely enjoy life except the man whose conscience is clear. The wicked never have true joy nor real interior peace. They may say that they have peace and that they neither expect nor fear any harm from above Either they are lying or they are fools. My justice will suddenly strike them and put an end to their deeds. They will think differently then .

4. A bad conscience is afraid and disturbed A good conscience has peace even in time of hardship. The good man’s glory lies in the testimony of a good conscience.

5. There is no true freedom nor profitable joy without a clear conscience and a holy fear of all sin. Blessed is the man whose eyes are on Me and who keeps his earthly desires within My law. A good life follows My wisdom and brings a deeper appreciation of this earthly existence

God made man intelligent enough to see that he should do what is right. And so the sinner knows that he is a sinner. He knows that his life is not going well. If he wants to cling to sins, he will try to excuse himself in some way, but he cannot fool himself for long. Either he loses his peace of soul or he succeeds in dulling his conscience. The man with a dull conscience will find distractions and interests in many things, but he has not the abiding peace of those who live for Heaven.

Dear Lord, grant that I may never be insincere in my daily life. Let me always have the strength, the courage and the loyalty to follow what is right. I do not want to choose any temporary satisfaction or relief which is displeasing to You. Let me live for eternity by always choosing what You want me to choose. May death never catch me by surprise. I hope to live each hour of the day in loyalty to Your holy Will and at peace with You. Amen.

Saint Norbert

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Saint Norbert, Bishop and Confessor

The helpful influence of the Holy Ghost is more and more multiplied, along the Church’s path. It seems as though He would show us today, how the divine power of His action is not crippled by lapse of years: for here we have, twelve centuries after his first coming among us, miracles of grace and conversion quite as brilliant as those that marked His glorious descent upon earth.

Norbert, in whose veins flowed the best blood of emperors and kings, was, from the very breast of his mother, Hedwige, supernaturally invited to a nobility loftier still: yet did he devote, to the unreserved enjoyment of pleasure, three and thirty years of a life that was to number but fifty in all. The Holy Ghost at length hastened to the conquest. There bursts a sudden storm, a thunderbolt falls right in front of the prodigal, throwing him to the ground and making a frightful chasm, between him and the point whither, a moment ago, he was hastening in pursuit of new vanities that needs must fail, as all others had done, to fill the hopeless void in his heart. Then, in the very depths of his soul resounds a voice, such as Saul once heard on his way to Damascus: “Norbert, whither goest thou?” Like another Paul he replies: ” Lord, what wilt thou have me to do? ” He is answered: ” Depart from evil and do good; seek after peace and pursue it.” Twenty years later, and Norbert is in heaven, seated amidst pontiffs, upon a glorious throne, and all radiant with that special brilliancy, that distinguishes the Founders of the great Religious Orders, when they have reached the eternal Home.  Continue reading


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From the Breviary of St. Pius V, 1568, a reading from the fourth Mystagogical Catechesis of St. Cyril, bishop of Jerusalem and Doctor of the Church, appointed for the Octave Day of Corpus Christi.

The teaching of blessed Paul seems of itself amply sufficient to make certain your faith concerning the Divine Mysteries; and you, having been made worthy thereof, have become, so to speak, of one Body and of one Blood with Christ. For he proclaimed that on the night He was betrayed, our Lord Jesus Christ took bread, and when He had given thanks, He broke it, and gave it to His disciples, saying: Take, and eat, this is my Body. And taking the cup, and giving thanks, He said: Take this, and drink; this is my Blood. Since therefore He Himself has proclaimed this and said, “This is my Body”, who will dare henceforth to doubt that it is so? And since He again has said so insistently “This is my Blood”, who would ever doubt, and say that it is not his Blood? Continue reading