My Daily Bread: A Right Intention in All Things 

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A Right Intention in All Things


MY CHILD, in all things I want you to have a right intention. That means that I want you to have a supernatural purpose in whatever you think, do, or say. Whether you seek to avoid hell, diminish your purgatory, or gain Heaven, such motives are supernatural, and therefore they are right intentions. True, you are often unaware of your motives, but as long as you are not in mortal sin, and your action agrees with My law, you have a right intention.

2. A right intention, however, may have different degrees of perfection. Thus, when you do something simply to please Me, your intention is higher than if you think of your own advantage. Still, whatever be the degree of your right intention, it always seeks to fulfill My Will, and it always brings you a greater good than any intention which seeks only your earthly welfare.

3. Regardless of feelings, moods, prejudices, or preferences, strive to maintain a right intention at all times. As soon as your natural desires contradict My Will, check them as you would check any other foolish intention.

4. Do not let life’s daily events disturb nor affect you too much. Seek to know My Will and to accept it in all things. With this pure intention, you will have a deep interior peace. This is My gift to those who let Me govern their lives.

5. A person’s intention tends to become dim as he proceeds through his daily occupations. Gradually he is influenced more by pleasure or self-satisfaction. Therefore, renew your pure intention at different times during the day. Offer Me each activity and avoid anything which might lead you into sin.

6. Recall your heavenly goal from time to time. Let there be nothing great, nothing high, nothing pleasant, nothing acceptable to you unless it helps you to follow My Will. Consider all useless consolations and sinful pleasures as so much worthless money.

7. One who truly loves Me, hates everything which holds him back from Me. I alone, the eternal, infinite God, the perfect joy of the soul, can bring true peace and unending happiness to your heart.


Where are the pleasures and joys of last year? Gone and forgotten. If they made me worse, I shall find death and judgment a little harder to face. Why do I fail to value things according to God’s way of thinking? He wants me to live a sinless and useful life. Even my pleasures should improve me in some way, and make me better able to do my work. Heaven is far greater than I can ever deserve. Still I should try each day to be a little less unworthy of it.


Lord, what You say is true. Grant that I may follow Your words in my daily life. Your truth shall teach me, guide me, and protect me. May it deliver me from all evil desires and foolish love. Let me esteem nothing as great, or valuable, or wonderful, except insofar as it makes me better and more pleasing in Your eyes. In this way I shall never be a slave of this earth, but shall walk daily towards Heaven with a holy freedom of heart. Amen

The Apparition of St. Michael the Archangel

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The Apparition of St. Michael the Archangel

ALMIGHTY God displayeth the riches of his goodness, power, and glory in the production of his creatures; and in them he manifesteth his own perfections. The whole world is as it were one great temple, where the divine presence shines, as it did in the Jewish at the time of its dedication, in visible glory. We owe to him a tribute of praise and thanksgiving for all his works, but more particularly for the noble and pure intelligences on whom he has stamped his own spiritual image in a more perfect manner. He hath enriched them with the treasures of his grace, and of spotless sanctity, and hath made them the immortal and blessed inhabitants of his heavenly kingdom. They are, by the perfection of their nature, superior to man, 1 who seems to hold the lowest rank in the scale of rational beings, and to be the link between the spiritual and the material world; he being, by his body, allied to matter, and by his soul to the celestial intelligences. He is therefore in natural perfections essentially inferior and subordinate to those pure spirits; nevertheless, in grace he may surpass them; and the Church assures us, that the Blessed Virgin transcends their highest Orders. Upon their creation, God placed them in a state of meriting; and, whilst Lucifer and his adherents fell by pride, and were changed into devils, the good spirits persevering in justice, were confirmed in grace, and crowned with glory. 1 Continue reading