Preparing Soul and Body for Christmas 

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Preparing Soul and Body for Christmas
By Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

Some of you have asked me how an ideal commemoration of Christmas should be in our days. I believe that the way we commemorate Christmas needs to be revised if we want to understand the ideal way to celebrate it.

There is a principle in Catholic doctrine that teaches us that since man is constituted of soul and body, the joys as well as the sorrows of a well-ordered man should be greater for his soul than his body. The life of a well-ordered Catholic must give more importance to what concerns his soul rather than his body.

The Fundamental Joy of a Catholic

What are the joys of a Catholic?

The Catholic whose conscience is in order knows that he is a successful man. This is a fundamental point. Each of us who lives in the state of grace, dies in the state of grace, and goes to Heaven has a completely fulfilled life. He was successful when he lived, when he died, and for all eternity.

The smiling Angel of Reims expresses the joy of a Catholic who lives in the state of grace
No matter how many surprises, sufferings, disappointments and frustrations he might have, a fundamental joy should exist in that man. He can say: “I am in the grace of God; therefore I am in the correct state. Whatever else befalls me is either because God permits it or because I did not take the right stance in face of certain problems.” When his judgment time comes, he may pass through Purgatory, but in the end he will go to Heaven, and, therefore, his life is a success – he is a successful man.  Continue reading