The Catholic Origins of Thanksgiving

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The Catholic Origins of Thanksgiving

The secular history books will tell you that the first Thanksgiving was celebrated by the heretical Protestant pilgrims of Massachusetts in 1621. Not so.The first American Thanksgiving was actually celebrated on 8 September (feast of the birth of the Blessed Virgin) in 1565 in St. Augustine, Florida. The Native Americans and Spanish settlers held a feast and the Holy Mass was offered. This was 56 years before the extremist Puritan pilgrims landed on Massachusetts. Don Pedro Menendez came ashore amid the great fanfare of sounding of trumpets, artillery salutes and the firing of cannons to claim the land for King Philip II and Spain. The ship chaplain Fr. Francisco Lopez de Mendoza Grajales chanted the Te Deum and presented a crucifix that Menendez ceremoniously kissed. Then the 500 soldiers, 200 sailors and 100 families and artisans, along with the Timucuan Indians celebrated the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in gratitude to God.

The second American Thanksgiving happened on 30 April 1598, when Spanish explorer Don Juan de Oñate requested the friars to say a Mass of Thanksgiving, after which he formally proclaimed “La Toma”, claiming the land north of the Rio Grande for the King of Spain. The men feasted on duck, goose, and fish from the river. The actors among them dressed and presented a play. All this took place twenty-three years before the heretic Pilgrims set sail from England on the Mayflower.

The Catholic origins of Thanksgiving don’t stop there. Squanto, the beloved hero of Thanksgiving, was the Native American man who mediated between the Puritan Pilgrims and the Native Americans. Squanto had been enslaved by the English but he was freed by Spanish Franciscans. Squanto thus received baptism and became a Catholic. So it was a baptised Catholic Native American who orchestrated what became known as Thanksgiving.

All that being said, the public holiday we observe is from the heretic Puritan pilgrims who were violently anti-Catholic. Ironically, they left England because they thought that the heretical Church of England was too Catholic. These Puritans were extremist Calvinists. Which these heretics opposed celebrating Christmas, dancing, musical instruments in church, and even hymns as papistical.

Whilst Thanksgiving known today is the celebration of the Calvinists Separatists who fled England, Catholics should remember the same unjust laws that granted the crown of martyrdom to Thomas More, John Fisher, Edmund Campion, et al. are the same injustices that led the heretic Pilgrims to Plymouth.

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