St. Andrew Avellino

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St. Andrew Avellino, Confessor

St. Andrew Avellino was born at Castro Nuovo, in the kingdom of Naples. To fear God and to avoid sin, were the maxims which his mother, from early childhood, implanted deep into his heart, and which became the rule of his entire life. While he studied at Senise, a lady sought to attract him by several presents which she sent him, but the chaste youth accepted not her gifts, and sent her word saying that she should trouble him no more, and might rest assured that he would rather die than consent to any evil. On another occasion when he was enticed to sin, he fled like the chaste Joseph. To escape similar temptations, he determined to become a priest, and was ordained after he had finished his studies.

For some time he devoted himself to the practice of Canon Law in the ecclesiastical courts; until one day, in the heat of his argument, a trivial lie escaped him. Soon after, while reading the holy Scriptures, the words, ” The mouth that lieth, killeth the soul,” came under his eyes, and his repentance was such that, from that moment, he renounced his profession in order to escape from the danger of offending God, and gave himself entirely to the sacred ministry. By associating frequently with the religious of the Theatine Order, he conceived the desire of joining their number, which he did in 1556. It was on this occasion that he took the name of Andrew, in honor of the holy Apostle of that name, after whose example he desired to suffer much for the glory of God. Continue reading