Saint Martin de Porres

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Saint Martin de Porres

Dominican Coadjutor Brother

Saint Martin de Porres was born in Lima, Peru in 1579, during the days when Spanish noblemen and many adventurers were still in the land, fascinated by the lure of the gold and silver which abounded there. He was the natural son of one of these and a young Indian woman. It was not long before his dark complexion caused his father to be ashamed of him and his mother, and to abandon them. Later the father would regret his too rapid decision, and take Martin under his protection.
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Saint Hubert

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Saint Hubert

Bishop of Maestricht and of Liège
(† 727)

Nobility, sanctity, apostolic zeal and the gift of miracles have made this great man one of the most illustrious prelates of the first centuries of the French monarchy. The son of a non-Christian nobleman of Aquitaine (southwestern France), he was raised at the court of Thierry III, son of Clovis II, and was esteemed there for his probity and prudence. He remained nonetheless a man of the world, whose virtue, unscathed by the dangers of the court in a time of troubles, was natural rather than supernatural; he did not yet know what the spirit of mortification, prayer and fundamental humility of a Christian were. He married a daughter of a count of Louvain, who was virtuous and recommendable by her exceptional qualities.
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