St. Cornelius and St. Cyprian

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St. Cornelius, Pope and Martyr, and
St. Cyprian Bishop and Martyr

There is a peculiar beauty in the meeting of these two Saints upon the sacred Cycle. Cyprian, in a famous dispute (On the question of the validity of Baptism conferred by heretics), was once opposed to the Apostolic See: Eternal Wisdom now offers him to the homage of the world, in company with one of the most illustrious successors of St. Peter.  Continue reading

St. Euphemia

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St. Euphemia, Virgin and Martyr

THE CITY of Chalcedon was the theatre of her glorious martyrdom; she suffered in the persecution continued by the successors of Dioclesian, about the year 307. The eminent sanctity of this holy virgin, loaded with the fruits of all Christian virtues, excited the rage of the devil, and of his instruments, the persecutors; but all the efforts of their malice only rendered her virtue the more triumphant and glorious. Having embraced the holy state of virginity, she, by the black or dark-coloured garments which she wore, declared to all men her steady purpose of taking no share in the earthly pleasures and amusements which fill the hearts, set an edge on the passions, and take up the most precious part of the time of worldlings.  Continue reading

MY CATHOLIC FAITH: Marks of the True Church

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L. Marks of the True Church

The True Church is one, holy, catholic, and apostolic. The Church that possesses all the shining marks which Our Lord gave is the Church of God, the True Church. Any church that lacks even one of these marks is an imitation, a false church, and not the one founded by Our Lord. The True Church must possess all these marks. It is the Church which Christ commanded all to hear and obey.

Did Christ establish many Churches? –Christ established only one Church, to continue till the end of time.

As God is one, He established one Church, which He commanded all men to obey and to follow in the way of salvation. Continue reading