Our Lady of Fatima Message on the Great Apostasy

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Our Lady of Fatima Message on the Great Apostasy

Our Blessed Mother appeared six times to three shepherd children at Fatima, Portugal in 1917. Besides the message of amendment of life, praying the Rosary and doing penance, she entrusted them with three secrets; the only one relative to this article is commonly known as the 3rd Secret of Fatima.

3rd Secret of Fatima – “In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved…

Even setting aside those portions of the 3rd Secret that Modernists are wont to ignore, the segment “in Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved” is admitted by all. This partial sentence speaks volumes. What a strange statement to make at a time when essentially every country on the face of the earth had the dogma of the Faith. The implication is clear: Our Lady was, at the very least, forecasting that entire nations would lose the dogma of the Faith, Portugal being an exception.

“Satan rules even in the highest positions and determines the direction of things. He will succeed in worming his way even into the highest summits of the Church…”

“But this will be a time of great trials for the Church. Cardinals will oppose cardinals. Bishops will oppose bishops. Satan will walk in their ranks. In Rome, there will be great changes. What is rotten will fall and what will fall will never rise again. Darkness will envelop the Church and the world will be thrown into a panic.”

The quote given above is taken from a German periodical published in 1963, Neues Europa, and received unofficial approbation in the 1960’s by several Church officials who had read the original 3rd Secret text handwritten by Sister Lucia. Among these Church officials was the respected Cardinal Ottovani.

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