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Keep your Mother Company this Lent

I’ve been praying about how best to live this Lenten season. It has become clear that Our Lord is inviting me to keep company with Mary on the Way of the Cross. Mary can aid us to peer into the mystery of the Passion and death of Jesus to discover a love we need to know. She will protect us from countless temptations in the desert of Lent when the devil would like to sift us like sand. He fears Mary and would rather flee than be near the Woman who is the New Eve: obedient and full of grace!

Mothers are adept at helping us to clean up, get ready, and put things in proper order again. Mothers are skilful at applying healing salves to the wounds of children. Mary excels at holding us close to her heart in an embrace that brings peace and strength. Mary never tires of repeating the truth that we are beloved of God. She can help break the chains that bind us from true freedom such as the pesky addictions (alcohol, food, TV, Internet), the compromises (missing times of prayer and the sacraments, illicit relationships, numbing laziness, or frenzied busyness). If we invite Mary into our imperfect souls, her holiness will take over and help to sever whatever binds us from the true freedom of the children of God. But Our Lady doesn’t invade our lives; we need to invite her. The Blessed Mother enriches our spiritual journey always. Perhaps we can consider living the Lenten season with Mary as fulfilling our Marian consecration also.

How do we walk with Mary during Lent? Here are some little steps.

1. Take up Mary’s spiritual practices, which included, praying the Psalms, meditating on the Sacred Scriptures, offering hymns of praise and gratitude to God such as her Magnificat. Come to Vespers. Say some of the Divine Office of Our Lady.

2. Imitate Mary’s courageous “be it done” more intentionally as you walk the Stations of the Cross with her.

3. With Mary, sit at the feet of Jesus, choosing the better part—perhaps attend All Night Adoration or Benediction more frequently.

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